A photograph of two models in a parking lot wearing garments from pilotszn’s debut collection.


Capturing pilotszn, Ryerson fashion design graduate Noa Lai’s debut collection, reimagining traditional bridal wear.
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MODELS Brett Belanger, Mimi Keita


Pilotszn (“pilot season”) is a project by Noa Lai, a recent graduate from the fashion design program at Ryerson University. Her work is characterized by asymmetry, disheveled silhouettes, and a black and white palette. Named after the period in Hollywood when new television shows are tested, pilotszn represents a spirit of new beginnings and experimentation.

This debut collection aims to expand the boundaries of bridal fashion in western cultures, traditionally consisting of a white gown for brides and a black tuxedo for grooms. Blending elements of streetwear and evening wear, pilotszn offers deconstructed versions of classic pieces like the white wedding gown and suit jacket, styled alongside equally distorted t-shirts and leather biker jackets. Design details include exposed bindings and facings highlight interior construction features of clothing that are typically only seen by the wearer. Loose-fitting and adjustable silhouettes were included with a genderless interpretation of bridal in mind.

The main fabrics in the collection are silk organza, peu-de-soie, organic cotton suiting, and lambskin leather. One of the featured textiles is a custom needle-felted wool surface treatment. Applied using a needle felting technique and stencils, the resulting letters and graphics create a lightweight texture on the silk organza.

Full collection can be viewed at www.pilotszn.xyz