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Editor In Chief | He/Him

Steve Nguyen is one of many ‘Steve Nguyen’s’ at Ryerson University. He is currently a fourth year Fashion Communication student, primarily interested in art direction and graphic design. Returning to StyleCircle as the newly-appointed Editor-in-Chief, he celebrates his second year with the publication after beginning as Art Director of Print in 2019. He is typically found wearing primary colours and a matching beret around campus. If you see him in all black, do not approach. His bubble tea order typically consists of an Assam milk tea with 30% sugar and regular ice. 


Creative Director | She/Her

Sam Cass is a Third Year Fashion Communications student earning her Bachelor of Design at Ryerson University. Returning to the publication for the third consecutive year with promotion to the role of Creative Director, Cass looks forward to a year of exciting and diverse content production. Her work has been featured in The Book by StyleCircle, Issues 4 & 5, in addition to StyleCircle’s digital publication archives, with collaborative works published to GMARO Magazine and L’Effronte Journal. Recently, she executed the redesign of StyleCircle’s web platform.



Director of Operations | She/Her

Madeline Pelley is the Director of Operation at StyleCircle; responsible for organizing the publication’s finances and locating funding sources. Pellye loves being a part of a student-run publication and engaging with students from a variety of programs. Entering her third year of Creative Industries at Ryerson University, Madeline is intrigued by involving marginalized voices within the fashion industry. She can be contacted at


Finance Coordinator, Event Coordinator | She/Her

Cynthia Zhou is a third-year Business Management student majoring in Marketing Management and minoring in Accounting at Ryerson University. Cynthia is an Event Coordinator at StyleCircle, and she looks forward to working with the team for the first time. Outside of school, she is a part-time Barista at Starbucks and a Foster Parent at Toronto Humane Societybecause coffee and puppy are her two favourite things. Although she anticipates a challenging school year, she believes StyleCircle will continue to present amazing and memorable events to the public.


Danica hooper

Director of Events | She/Her

Danica Hooper is a fourth year student of Ryerson University’s Fashion Communication program, returning to StyleCircle for a second term as Director of Events and as a first time Writer. With great fervour for the fashion industry, she aspires to gain more exposure and plant her foot in the industry as a fashion director. Notable accomplishments include her roles as Director of Events for StyleCircle, and Art Director and Co-Producer for INTRO. Her passions include cultivating knowledge on societal issues within the fashion arts, such as colonialism, ethics, race and diversity, and LGBTQIA+ issues. 

violet yin

Sponsor & PR Coordinator | She/Her

Violet Yin is a third year student of Ryerson University’s Fashion Communication program. Yin holds the title of Sponsors and PR Coordinator at StyleCircle, where she expresses her passion for fashion events. Yin has interned with NEXT Models, worked as a sales associate with Urban Outfitters, and has hands-on experience organizing a diverse runway show with Ryerson University’s Event Planning course. Outside of her role with StyleCircle, she works with the Ryerson Chinese Student Association, returning her skillset to a personal cultural context. Outside of work, she enjoys travelling, food, and connecting with the universe- whenever she’s not playing animal crossing, that is!


Event Coordinator, Writer, Graphic Designer | He/Him

Harrison Clarke is a Writer, Events Coordinator and Collage Artist for StyleCircle. Clarke often takes inspiration from his experiences as part of both the Black and LGBTQIA+ community to write socio-political critiques on the ways Western society fails minorities. In his collage work, he aims to intersect his love of horror and fantasy with the equally boundless, awe-inspiring realm of fashion. For The Book by StyleCircle, Issue 05, Clarke wrote and designed Horror!, an in-depth look at the politics of the genre’s most iconic fashion statements. 


Event Coordinator | She/Her

Jillian Pollock is a third year student of the Creative Industries program at Ryerson University. She is pursuing the program’s Fashion and Communication modules, in addition to a minor in Communication Design. As Event Coordinator at StyleCircle, Jillian looks forward to combining her knowledge of communication, fashion and business with her passion for fashion, beauty and event planning. Jillian has previously interned at Ideation Events and currently works as an e-commerce coordinator at Vintage Jewels by P. Jillian looks forward to creating captivating events and engaging with students in the Ryerson community.


Event Coordinator | She/Her

Isabelle is a second year student of Ryerson University, majoring in Sport Media and minoring in Business Essentials. She is joining StyleCircle as an Events Coordinator. She has run events with GXS Lab and She’s4Sports, with speakers like Brittni Donaldson, Assistant Coach for the Toronto Raptors, and Kayla Alexander, Basketball Player for Team Canada and the WNBA. She is very excited to be joining the team and can’t wait for this year’s issue. Fun Fact: her study snack is Crazy Crepes

marketing team

Nour Al Saied

Director of Marketing | She/Her

I’m Nour and I’ll be heading into my 4th year of journalism at Ryerson University. I have always been interested in fashion, and learning about critical topics in the industry; to better understand sustainability within fashion design, I’m currently teaching myself how to sew and upcycle clothing from thrift stores. While most of my work experiences are in the fields of marketing, graphic design, and writing – my passions lie in storytelling, poetry, and music. 


Social Media Coordinator | She/Her

Morgan Cheung is a fourth year student of Ryerson University’s Professional Communication program, with a minor in Fashion Studies. She has a strong enthusiasm for digital marketing and analyzing situations through a creative lens. This has been harmonized with a fascination for the nuances and complexities of dress. Morgan’s passions have driven her to explore fashion narratives and expressing ideas through effective communication. She is thrilled to join the Marketing team at Style Circle, where she seeks to continuously expand her knowledge, learning about herself and the world around her.

Grace Hickey

Marketing Coordinator, Photographer | She/Her

Grace Hickey is a second year Business Management student at Ryerson University, majoring in Marketing. She is part of the 2020-21 StyleCircle team as a Marketing Coordinator and Photographer. She is always grasping for opportunities to be able to develop her skills in creative fields. She is most proud of the campaign that she shot for fashion events start-up Archival Toronto’s Christmas holiday sale, White Saturday. She is passionate about learning and being involved in student groups, and is currently involved within the TRSM community on the RMA, DECA and TRSS, in addition to her roles at StyleCircle. 

David robert

Marketing Coordinator | He/Him

David Robert is a Media Production student entering his second year in the program at Ryerson University. Prior to Ryerson, he spent time studying film production, but has since found his passion for digital media and marketing. Entering his first year with StyleCircle, he’s very excited to bring his passion for fashion and the online to his role as Media Coordinator. While most of his previous work is based in film, he’s most excited about his recent work exploring interactivity and new media formats.

Julia Rodriguez

Marketing Coordinator | She/Her

Julia Rodriguez is in her final year of Ryerson University’s Professional Communication program with a minor in Fashion Studies. She is excited to take on the role of Marketing Coordinator at StyleCircle and learn more about fashion marketing while staying connected with the overall Ryerson culture. Rodriguez is passionate about sustainable fashion, which led to the foundation of her personal apparel brand, House Twenty, focusing on genderless and environmentally-friendly fashion.

editorial team


Managing Editor | He/Him

Omar Taleb is the Managing Editor of StyleCircle, and is responsible for coordinating content creation within the editorial team for both web and print operations. As a Creative Industries student at Ryerson University, he sees the monetary and cultural value of connecting with diverse audiences through storytelling, and strives to integrate this within his professional life.


Copy Editor, Writer | She/Her

Lesley Jane DeBoer is completing her fourth year of Ryerson’s Creative Industries program, and is returning to StyleCircle for a fourth consecutive year as Writer and Copy Editor. She has interned with Owlkids Books and has held the position of lead-editor at various independent publications, as she holds aspirations to work within the publishing industry. Outside of StyleCircle, she continues to improve her graphic design skills with the hope to update her blog, Tea For Two. You can find her on Instagram, where she will definitely share her cake pop recommendations and her current obsession with Harry Styles’ album, Fine Line.


Copy Editor, Writer | He/Him

Noah Holder is a multidisciplinary artist, model, and talented procrastinator in his 4th year at Ryerson and 2nd year with StyleCircle. He is currently majoring in English and Minoring in Film Studies, whilst holding a Copy Editor position with the publication. Noah’s art often explores the experiences of the Black diaspora in a way that is both incredibly personal and universal. In 2019 he won Ryerson’s creative writing and poetry award and is currently working on a series of poems for his first published chapbook. Outside of StyleCircle, Noah can be found hoarding niche magazines and making apple music playlists for his friends and family.

Safia Sheikh

Copy Editor, Writer | She/Her

Safia (Suh-fi-yuh) Sheikh is a fourth year Fashion Design student at Ryerson University, interested in the diversification of fashion narratives. She is returning to StyleCircle as a Copy Editor in addition to her role as Writer. Her work is driven by a desire to decentralize and decolonize narratives within popular fashion discourse. She has been published previously in The Book by StyleCircle, Issue 05, as well as local zines, as she continues to produce art that disrupts.


Writer | She/Her

Christina Armanious is a student of Ryerson University’s Creative Industries Program and aims to achieve a degree in Fashion Business and Design. Christina will be contributing as a Writer for StyleCircle, but hopes to one day take her talents and enthusiasm for fashion to Elle Magazine. Outside of StyleCircle, Armanious explores her interest in developing fashion stories based on personal perspectives through her Instagram blog, Everywear You Look. Additionally, she works for a start-up at the Ryerson Fashion Zone. Other accomplishments include having interned with HUGO BOSS, styled runway shows for designers like Victoria Beckham, and having work published to several magazines.


Writer | She/Her

Petra Calder is in her third year at Ryerson University’s School of Journalism, and is attempting to specialize in Fashion and Photojournalism. As she joins StyleCircle’s editorial team as a Writer, she will strive to create content that defies the mold of typical journalism. Alongside her position as a writer, she also associates herself with creative analog methods including film photography and hand-cut collages. When she’s not editing stories or gluing together pictures you can find her sipping tea, flipping through Vice magazines or wandering around Toronto with her headphones in.

Erin Colquhoun

Writer | She/Her

Erin Colquhoun joins the StyleCircle team this year as a Writer and MA Fashion candidate, interested in the relationships between fashion conventions and culture, politics, and class. She approaches the fashion industry with an intersectional framework and views fashion as an untapped source of insight into the multiplicity of human experience. Erin hopes to use her background in sociology, gender studies, and social justice to highlight underexplored and undervalued facets of the industry while remaining engaging and accessible to all. Erin is excited to join the Ryerson community and Toronto fashion scene and is looking forward to finding the best local ice cream shop the city has to offer.

Jessi Hamilton

Writer | She/Her

Hi! My name is Jessi, and I’m a Marketing Management major at TRSM, minoring in Business Law, and pursuing a certificate in Fashion Coordination and Styling from Ryerson University’s Chang School of Continued Education. I am passionate about environmental and social activism, particularly within the fashion industry, and mainly focus my writing on critiquing the industry. Additionally, I aim to spread information and encourage consumers to become more aware of how the fashion industry causes harm and how all of us can help to change it! Feel free to shoot me a DM on the linked instagram if you want to chat about accountability in the fashion industry!


Writer | She/Her

Norah Kim is an aspiring journalist in her third year of Ryerson University’s Journalism program, double minoring in Graphics Communication and Film/TV Studies. She is contributing for the first year as a Writer at StyleCircle, and, by using this platform to celebrate diversity in the arts, she wants to extend this expression through the connections she builds with others. Norah wishes to showcase the bringing together of others’ stories and experiences through her writing and self.


Writer | She/Her

Taite Krueger is a third year student of Ryerson University’s Creative Industries program, focusing on Performance Arts and Fashion. She is looking forward to her first year as a Writer with StyleCircle. As a poetry and fiction writer, she is excited to see how these skills lend themselves to writing in an article format. Taite is passionate about finding preloved and vintage clothing, and spends her time exploring as many thrift stores as possible. The connection and intimacy of wearing a vintage piece inspires her work. You can always find Taite in Versus Cafe, with a matcha latte in one hand and a pen in the other.


Writer | She/Her

Hi there! I’m Victoria, and I consider myself to be a writer, sushi lover & fashion enthusiast. I’m currently working towards a Bachelor’s Degree in Journalism with a minor in Fashion Studies. I will be contributing to StyleCircle as a Writer. I’ve always felt most passionate showcasing inclusive, meaningful and diverse stories through my writing. While working towards my degree, I’ve remained dedicated & focused on the creation of my fashion & lifestyle blog Vie en Mode. Outside of writing, you’ll likely find me piecing together a new outfit, vintage shopping or watching another Disney movie (probably Ratatouille) to bring some happiness to everyday! You can reach out at to me as


Writer | She/Her

Delfina Russo is a third year Fashion Design student at Ryerson University. She is a proponent of using writing, illustration, and design as a means of reaching beyond fashion’s materialistic, and at times, vapid exterior. In her Fashion studies at Ryerson, Delfina’s work focuses on challenging monolithic perceptions of gender, its intersections with race, as well as the role of ethics and sustainability within the fashion industry. She is excited to continue speaking to these topics in her newly appointed role as a StyleCircle Writer.


Writer | She/Her

Erica Weekes is a third year English major at Ryerson University, and is currently working towards a minor in Fashion Studies. She will be a new addition to the 2020-2021 StyleCircle team as a writer. Her passions include music, fashion, and literature. She looks forward to contributing to discussions surrounding social issues within the fashion industry, particularly those which concern race and diversity. Outside of StyleCircle, Erica can be found combing the aisles of various thrift stores, and rereading The Bell Jar endlessly.



Art Director, Writer | She/Her

In addition to being StyleCircle’s Art Director, Mia Yaguchi-Chow is a fourth year Fashion Communication student at Ryerson University, the Graphic Designer for the Fashion Studies journal, and a hobbyist/professional photographer and illustrator with 10+ years of practice. She enjoys pursuing all her work with an underlying theme of existential philosophy to express her perspectives and in hopes of prompting contemplation and dialogue. As a Japanese/Chinese Toronto-native, she also makes an effort to make her ethnicity known for representation’s sake, and to help educate those around her about her cultures.


Associate Art Director | She/Her

Nevi Gaetan is a fourth year student of Ryerson University’s Fashion Communication Program. This year, she will be joining the StyleCircle team as Associate Art Director. Interested in the role of art direction as it pertains to the music industry, her background in dance fostered her focus on the intersection of design and performance. In years past, when one could travel freely, Nevi enjoyed the vagabond lifestyle by splitting her time between Toronto and Nashville. In the Fall of 2019, Nevi participated in the Art Direction of the Beauty To Be Recognized relaxed performance fashion show.


Associate Art Director, Writer | She/Her

(Isa)Bella Papagiannis is a third year Fashion Communications student at Ryerson University, minoring in News Studies. She is a returning Writer and first-time Associate Art Director at StyleCircle. Papagiannis looks forward to working with the team at large while cultivating an inclusive environment. She has always been interested in mixing the seemingly cold fashion industry with current social, political and world news within her writing and art. You can pretty much always catch her rewatching the Lord of the Rings or Harry Potter series for the millionth time, or with some sort of coffee in her hand. 


Associate Art Director | She/Her

I’m Mia Vos and I am returning for the second year as Associate Art Director at StyleCircle while entering my third year of studies in Fashion Communications at Ryerson University. As a Vancouver-born creative, my goal has always been to be a story-teller, from my own poetry to photography series highlighting different people in my life and now helping in the creation of visual editorials at StyleCircle with the rest of the amazing team. My photography has been published to Vogue Italia’s PhotoVogue Archive, and I have worked behind the scenes at runway shows, meeting many wonderful fellow fashion creatives along the way!


Photographer | He/Him

John Delante is a student at Ryerson University pursuing a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Photography. He often described his work as documentary and fashion-focused. He aims to create interesting relationships within his imagery, while exploring topics like his personal identity, culture and everyday life. His work has been published in The Book, Issue 05, and will continue to contribute to the publication this year as a photographer.

jonathan matta

Photographer | He/Him, They/Them

Jonathan Matta is a photographer and director studying at Ryerson University, and holds the title of Photographer at StyleCircle. His work focuses on portraiture, fashion, and music. He believes that photography should serve a purpose or send a message and not exist solely for its own sake. Matta’s photography has been featured in The Book by StyleCircle, as well as in publications like The Fader and Coup de Main. He’s had the privilege of producing and assistant directing a music video premiering with Wonderland Magazine. Currently, he is working on two other music videos as a part of his thesis project, and personal photographic work.


Photographer | She/Her

Hunter McNeil is a Toronto based photographer and third year Image Arts student at Ryerson University. Joining the team as a Photographer, Hunter finds herself eager to immerse her photo based talents into a well verse magazine that covers fashion, political news, and is, overall, an inclusive environment. She trusts that photography has always served a valuable purpose politically without losing touch of its aesthetic values. Specifically, you can identify Hunter’s photography for its euphoric, angelic-esque style. A true eccentric at heart, Hunter loves basking in the sun around golden hour, learning tarot, being a plant mom, and expressing herself through makeup and fashion.


Photographer | She/Her

Michaela Owusu is a third year student of Ryerson University’s Fashion Communications program. She is participating as a Photographer for StyleCircle’s 2020-2021 Visual Team. Michaela is interested in brand remodelling, creative directing and garnering the ability to portray a story within snap shots in time. In hopes of broadening her horizons and tapping into international markets, she is currently studying the Spanish and Korean languages. As a Black female, she aims to also shed light on the many issues of people of colour’s experience through her work.


Photographer | She/Her

Qiuran Zhu is an indigo child and Toronto-based multidisciplinary artist, studying with Ryerson University’s, School of Image Arts in the Photography program. Most of her work explores fashion, nature, portraiture, female gaze, individuality and spirituality. As a female photographer, filmmaker and musician, she is all about the connections between lights and energies, as she is an explorer of wisdom and expression by nature. She has participated in local exhibitions, and was a collective member of Toronto’s Blank Canvas Gallery.In the past, she has had the opportunity to work with the AGO, Unity, the Gladstone Hotel, the Drake Hotel and Vice Media Group.

Brennan March

Senior Graphic Designer | He/Him

Brennan March is a Canadian writer, artist, and student currently studying at Ryerson University to complete his undergraduate degree in Creative Industries. Currently, he contributes to StyleCircle as Senior Graphic Designer. March explores painting and film amongst other creative media, and is completing a minor in Film Studies. In 2019, he led creative direction for an inclusive fashion modelling workshop. His work as a graphic designer was featured in The Book by StyleCircle, Issue 05, Voices.


Graphic Designer | She/Her

Jackie Borg is a Graphic Designer at StyleCircle and third year student of Ryerson University’s Fashion Communication program. Her art has been featured in various art shows across Ontario, and she hopes to expand her creative abilities during her time with the StyleCircle.  As a graphic designer, she looks forward to exploring various creative outlets and techniques. She’s inspired by pop culture, art movments and television shows such as Sex and the City. Fun Fact: She wants to meet Machete (Danny Trejo) in the next 10 years.


Graphic Designer | She/Her

Audrey Chen (or Aud if you’re feeling quirky) is entering her first year of Fashion studies at Ryerson University. She will be contributing to StyleCircle as a Graphic Designer. Previously, she was Head of Layout for her high school’s student-run magazine, The Globe and Halo, leading and finalizing the graphic design process. In her spare time, you’ll find her sewing to get rid of her fabric stash, embroidering personal projects or commissions while watching k-dramas, or just eating something sweet (after all, you are what you eat c;).  Born and raised in a suburb of British Columbia, Audrey is eager to explore Toronto, learn more, and hopefully play the card game “We’re Not Really Strangers” with plenty of newly acquainted friends.


Graphic Designer | She/Her

Arushi Chopra is entering her fourth and final year of the Fashion Design program at Ryerson University while contributing to StyleCircle as a Graphic Designer. She has had the opportunity to showcase her work and study fashion internationally, working with inspirational designers along the way. Currently, Arushi is inspired by the fight for racial representation and inclusivity. Her recent works illustrate her experience of growing up as a Canadian-Indian. By infusing western and Indian culture with contemporary design, Arushi hopes to inspire people to actively appreciate and educate themselves on international fashion. After graduating from Ryerson, she plans on embodying a brand that strives to represent cross cultural fashion in mainstream media. She can be contacted at

Aisling Gogan

Graphic Designer | She/Her

Aisling Gogan is going into her third year of Ryerson University’s Creative Industries program, specializing in the modules of Fashion and Graphic Communications. She is passionate about exploring sustainability within the fashion industry, and often expresses those interests through graphic design and writing on her personal blog. In her free time, you can find her modelling, thrift shopping, dancing to disco tunes, or journaling (she’s a water sign). She enjoys nature walks and bike rides, is an avid reader, and loves a summer picnic with good friends! 

Jennifer Ji

Graphic Designer | She/Her

Jennifer Ji is a second year student studying Fashion Communication at Ryerson University. She is taking part in StyleCircle as a Graphic Designer for the year 2020-2021. She is excited about the new direction of StyleCircle, as she will be able to express her interest and experience in the current fashion and beauty trends within her community while contributing to a student-founded and run organization. She is passionate about experimenting and conceptualizing her ideas through art & design, and is thrilled to learn more about the world of publication and editorial design.


Graphic Designer | She/Her

Safa Kubti is studying Graphic Communications Management at Ryerson University, and minoring in Communication Design. She is a multifaceted artist, taking inspiration from a variety of genres and art styles. Her main form of expression is through the creation of digital art and design. Her work often speaks a message to the viewer, describing with softness and presented in a bold manner. Safa has done work as a Graphic Designer for a range of clients, including working with UNICEF to create a logo for their One Youth program. She has joined the team at StyleCircle as the Graphic Designer in order to contribute to something greater than herself.

sarah pasquini

Graphic Designer | She/Her

Sarah Pasquini is a second-year Fashion Communication student at Ryerson University, primarily passionate about graphic design, art direction, and styling. Filling the role of a Graphic Designer, Pasquini is a visual artist-turned-graphic-designer but has never abandoned her first love of traditional media. With strong attention to detail, she elevates her designs using various techniques previously developed in the art studio. Lover of all things pink, chic, and feminine, Pasquini values individual style as a means of creative expression, communication, and social disruption. Most recently, her work was published in Ryerson’s publication of Kaleidoscope No.4


Graphic Designer | She/Her

Cindy Phung is a second year Performance Production student at Ryerson University. She is excited to be a part of the 2020-2021 StyleCircle team as a Graphic Designer. With a passion for costume design and fashion, she’s always on the lookout for ways to get involved in fashion while incorporating her love for theatre and design. Outside of her role with StyleCircle, she is also a part of the Ryerson Musical Theatre Company as a member of the Media Team, and works as a Graphic Designer at Antifragile zine. Elsewhere, you can find her working on editorial magazine photoshoots until 2 am, blaring the Hamilton Cast Recording.

Mia portelance

Graphic Designer | She/Her

Mia Portelance is a second year Fashion Communications student at Ryerson University, entering her first year with Style Circle as a Graphic Designer. She is involved with Ryerson’s Fashion Union as VP of Events, and has collaborated with local photographers and artists. Portelance explores her skills through graphic design, art direction, styling and fashion commentary. Through this, she continues her efforts to amplify the voices of creative minorities and to create a world where fashion no longer conforms and paves the way for the next generations.

zoe statiris

Graphic Designer | She/Her

Zoe Statiris is a Graphic Designer at StyleCircle, entering her third year of Graphic Communications Management at Ryerson University. She loves to explore layered forms and shapes, as well as playful color palettes to create compelling imagery. Past projects Statiris has worked on include a series of paintings funded by CUE grant, graphic design work for the Future of Film Showcase, as well as digital illustrations for the MARLI Digital Challenge. Statiris is excited to work with the talented team at StyleCircle; she loves the collaborative nature of the art community and is always open to working with other artists and designers. She can be contacted at can be contacted at


Graphic Designer | She/Her

Shirly To is a second year Graphic Communications Management student at Ryerson University, specializing in Digital Graphic Output. To is passionate about graphic design, UI/UX design, and branding. She is currently a Graphic Designer at StyleCircle, To’s work captures inspiration from cultures and the world around her. Outside of StyleCircle, she previously designed for the student group RU-Kpop, and will be working at one of the centres at Ryerson University as a Graphic Designer. When she’s not glued to her laptop working on designs, she can be found listening to K-pop while terraforming on ACNH. To can be contacted at