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Editor In Chief | She/Her

Imani Dominique Busby is a fourth year undergraduate student studying Creative Industries at X University. Imani aspires to become an art gallerist/lawyer/curator with the goal of supporting marginalized artists as they navigate the art industry. She is so excited to be working alongside StyleCircle’s team of talented creatives to create inclusive, accessible, and radical content. With roots in creativity and entrepreneurship, Imani is passionate about the art and fashion industries, representation, and community building.


Creative Director | She/Her

Swetha Sutharsan is a second year student in the Creative School’s Fashion program. She is committed to working towards the decolonization of the fashion industry and passionate about raising awareness for traditional South Asian dress practices. Along with her work as a Creative Director, she is also a contributor to the Reclamation Magazine and a writer for Folklr Magazine where she works towards amplifying marginalized voices. When she is not working, you can find her downing multiple black coffees and rewatching Bollywood classics. 




Co-Director of Events | She/Her

Julianna Brady is currently a second year Professional Communications student. This year she is Co-Director of Events and she is excited for what’s to come for the publication. Some of her interests include content creation, beauty, and all things food.

Lily Sartison

Co-Director of Events | She/Her

Lily Sartison is a third year Fashion student concentrating in Communications Design, and she is excited to be starting a new role at StyleCircle as Co-Director of Events. Lily values sustainable and inclusive fashion, and she enjoys project management and events planning. She was born and raised in Calgary, and while she loves Toronto, she misses the mountains. 


Tina Yu

Event Coordinator | She/Her

Tina is a graphic designer and event coordinator at Style Circle. She is a first year Fashion Communication student at Toronto Metropolitan University. With the completion of a two-year study of fine arts at the University of Manitoba, she continues her pursuit in fashion at TMU. She is a motivated fashion insider with specialist expertise in retail, digital rendering and performance monitoring having work experience in Tommy Hilfiger, Tory Burch and Chanel.


Rebecca Grabinsky

Event Coordinator | She/Her

Rebecca is a second year Fashion student at TMU with plans of becoming a stylist or creative director. She loves minimalist fashion but is always up for trying new things and playing with colour. When not busy with school, she can be found at the gym or enjoying Toronto’s nightlife with her friends. As someone who knows hard work pays off, she is excited to work with the StyleCircle team to create great content for the upcoming year.

marketing team

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Vanessa Tan

Director of Marketing

Vanessa Tan is a Creative Industries student specializing in fashion and professional communications. This year she is the Director of Marketing at StyleCircle. With experience in digital marketing and content creation, she is excited to connect with fellow creatives and introduce StyleCircle to a broader audience. Some of her interests include fashion, cafe hopping, content creation, reading and sustainability. 


Tamia James

Social Media Manager | She/Her

Tamia is a 4th year journalism student who is excited to be apart of style circle this year as a social media manager. Tamia enjoys the world of fashion by learning traditional fashion styles from different cultures. Her ideal focus is to work closely with runway concepts and the modelling industry. If she isn’t caught drinking an iced matcha latte she is definitely sipping on a thai milk tea. Tamia hopes to help people get over their fear of being creative and be motivated to create anything. Stick around to see what she does for Style Circles social media platform.


Aliya Karimjee

Social Media Coordinator | She/Her

Aliya Karimjee is a first-year student studying journalism at Toronto Metropolitan University’s Creative School. Modelling for social campaigns and runways such as #SayNoToRacism, Runway For Hope, Inhale Excel and OneVoice; Aliya is looking forward to help create an atmosphere where diversity, creative vision and inclusivity are valued. Through her love for fashion, she will be a social media coordinator at StyleCircle to help engage the university’s stylish community. Yooopidoodles!


Mackenzie Jagger

Social Media Coordinator | She/Her

Mackenzie is currently completing her third year at Toronto Metropolitan University studying Fashion Communications. She is a driven entrepreneur and founder of FINCH the label, a sleepwear line. Her passions include fashion, retail, social media marketing, and business. Acting as a social media coordinator for the Style Circle, Mackenzie is also a social media specialist for Aritzia.

Georgia Head shot

Georgia Ball

Social Media Coordinator | She/Her

Georgia is currently completing her second year at Toronto Metropolitan University, studying Creative Industries. She is interested in pursuing a career in Social Media Marketing. In addition to being a social media coordinator for the Style Circle, she is also the Head of Public Relations for her sorority Kappa Beta Gamma. She produces content for her own social media platforms, where she shares lifestyle and fashion content. Georgia is passionate about creating content for Gen Zs and hopes to inspire them to be the best version of themselves while looking their best too!


Marketing Coordinator | She/Her

Grace Jung is a second-year Fashion student at X University, entering her first year with StyleCircle as a Marketing Coordinator. She is involved with the Fashion Course Union as a Grade Representative and is a member of the Asian Fashion Student Association. She has an interest in sustainable fashion and the growing role of biotechnology within the creative industries. With prior experience in fashion marketing, she is looking forward to progressing her skills and connecting with the creative culture at X University. 

Stella He

Marketing Coordinator | She/Her

Stella He is currently a third year Business Management student majoring in Marketing and minoring in Retail Management and Graphic Communication Designs at X University. She is excited to take on the role of Marketing Coordinator at StyleCircle where she looks forward to exploring creative narratives and presenting art and fashion in innovative ways. Stella loves being involved in student-run organizations, she is involved in the TRSM community on the RMA and TRSS, in addition to the StyleCircle. Beyond X University, she continues to practice her marketing skills through working for the NBA protein bar start-up, Level Foods as their social media manager. 

editorial team

Samira Balsara

Managing Web Editor | She/Her

Samira is a fourth year journalism student. This year she is a returning Writer and first-time Managing Editor for Web at StyleCircle. Samira is interested in pursuing a career as a news anchor or a fashion writer. Besides StyleCircle, she writes for campus papers such as The Eyeopener and Her Campus. Samira also works as a reporter for IT World Canada. Outside of work and school she can be found listening to sad music, reading or drinking oat milk lattes. 

Soukita Morgan

Managing Print Editor | She/Her

Soukita Morgan is a journalism student currently in her first year at the School of Journalism. New to the StyleCircle team, she is a writer for the 2021/2022 year. Much of her interests include fashion, archive clothing and reading Wajdi Mouawad. Her interests inspire her writing and she hopes she can continue to expand her knowledge whilst creating pieces that will help her express her love for fashion at StyleCircle. 

Eishvinder Gill

Lead Copy Editor | She/Her

Eishvinder Gill is a third year Fashion Design student at X University. Eishvinder is joining StyleCircle as a Copy Editor and is excited to embark on this journey as it will be her first time working with the team. Outside of StyleCircle, Eishvinder is also Marketing Director for the Visual Artists Association at X University. In her work, she strives to constantly embody the importance of self-expression, individuality, and being your true self, especially when it comes to fashion! If she’s not designing, Eishvinder can be found on long nature walks or binging a new Netflix show!

Anh Phan

Copy Editor | She/Her

Anh Phan is a third-year Creative Industries student specializing in Storytelling and Printing/ Publishing, with a passion for copywriting and creative direction. This is her first year joining StyleCircle as a Copy Editor. She is always looking for new perspectives in brainstorming new ideas and keeping her ideas fresh. She loves experimenting with different types of communications to fully express her ideologies through storytelling. Outside of work, you can find her tuning in to the latest album of Honne while whipping up some new recipes in the kitchen.

Erica Weekes

Copy Editor | She/Her

Erica Weekes is a fourth year English major at X University. She will be returning to the StyleCircle team for her second year, this time taking on the role of Copy Editor after contributing as a Writer last year. Her passions include music, fashion, and literature. She looks forward to contributing to discussions surrounding social issues within the fashion industry, particularly those which concern race and diversity. Outside of StyleCircle, Erica can be found combing the aisles of various thrift stores, and rereading The Bell Jar endlessly.

Lizzie Knowles

Copy Editor | She/Her

Lizzie Knowles is a fourth year Creative Industries student at X University, with a focus on Graphic Design and Fashion Studies, and is joining Style Circle as a writer for the Editorial Team. Lizzie has a passion for fashion, styling, theory, Graphic Design, books, comedy, and film! Coming from the Caribbean islands of Trinidad and Tobago, Lizzie is passionate about Caribbean/Caribbean heritage designers and viewing the fashion industry through a critical lens that highlights the people who are typically left out of the industry. When asked what her dream is, she always jokingly responds to be able to “play dress up” for a living.


Taite Krueger

Copy Editor/Writer | She/Her

Taite Krueger is a recent graduate of the Creative Industries program, where she specialized in fashion and performance arts. She is looking forward to her second year with StyleCircle as a writer and editor. As a poetry and fiction writer she is excited to see how these skills lend themselves to article writing. Taite is passionate about finding preloved and vintage clothing and spends her time exploring as many thrift stores as possible. The connection and intimacy of wearing a vintage piece inspires her work.


Jacob Marion

Copy Editor | He/Him

Jacob Marion is a 3rd year journalism student at Toronto Metropolitan University, and will be joining Style Circle this year as a copy editor. He has a strong passion for writing and creating media about fashion, culture, social and world issues. Jacob loves collecting magazines, animals, and vintage shopping during his off-time. 

Lauren RIZZO

Fashion Editor | She/Her

Lauren Rizzo is a third year Creative Industries student. She is currently obtaining her modules in Fashion and Interior Design. As this is Lauren’s first year joining the StyleCircle team as the fashion editor, she is excited to join forces with other creatives throughout the team and produce some striking content. Lauren runs her own small business, Are + Our making sustainable handmade to order clothing more accessible. These are some of her guiding principles throughout her work, and she is excited to bring those to life through her work at StyleCircle.


Heritage Wisdom

Fashion Editor

Heritage Wisdom is a fashion freelance stylist and student in her final year majoring in Fashion Communication at TMU University. She is skilled in adobe photoshop, illustration and InDesign. She has worked at multiple fashion events in Toronto and is currently working as a fashion editor for style circle. When she isnt working at photoshoot locations you can find her chilling at home with her dog, reading a good book, at the gym or watching a movie.

Tomi SA

Tomi Segun-Adebowale

Fashion Editor

My name is Oluwatomisin Kiibati Segun-Adebowale. I am a Yoruba lady from the West part of Nigeria. I am passionate about Fashion designing and styling, creative directing and business. I love any activity that brings vision to life. I am privileged to study Fashion at Toronto Metropolitan University and I am currently in my 3rd year.

I am also the Owner and Creative Director of an Afro-centric brand named Ankafrika which aims to support the local craftsmanship in Africa while being environmentally conscious. Recreationally, I paint and dabble around Adobe illustrator, Canva and Photoshop


Sophie Diego

Style Editor | She/Her

Sophie Diego is currently a first-year student in TMU’s fashion program. With a bachelor’s degree in journalism, her skills involve writing, reporting, and visual arts. She’s worked for several publications, including the Ryersonian, Her Campus, Honest Brand Reviews, Soxy, and WeddingBells magazine. Her interests include sustainability, the clothing industry, culture, and issues revolving around BIPOC and the LGBTQ+ community. Outside of work, she’s usually binging Netflix or at her sewing machine.


Jennah Faruqui

Culture Editor | She/Her

Jennah Faruqui is a Culture Editor for Style Circle and is currently in her second year of fashion at TMU. She focuses her research and writing around topics that affect the fashion industry. As well as pulling inspiration from feminist perspectives and culture identities to enhance her academic work. Her interests lie in art, music and playing hockey.

StyleCircle Photo - JOHN VO

John Vo

Culture Editor | He/Him

John Vo is a second-year journalism student at Toronto Metropolitan University also studying a minor in fashion studies. His passion for writing, fashion, film and the arts is what enticed him to become an editor for StyleCircle. Having previously worked and written bylines for other publications, he hopes to expand his portfolio and contribute to sparking layered conversations about the fashion industry and its subsections. When he isn’t editing pieces or is not stressed out to the nth degree, you will most likely catch him watching movies and television, jamming out to music or scrolling through 80 Pinterest boards for inspiration.


Avani Kalicharran

Beauty Editor | She/Her

Avani Kalicharran is in her second year at Toronto Metropolitan University studying Fashion where she has a passion in media, journalism, and entrepreneurship. Avani is working to expand her understanding and knowledge of the various structures in place in order to drive effective and meaningful changes within the fashion industry. She is so excited to work with both the entire team to create beautiful and meaningful work with talented creatives.

Youdon Tenzin

Youdon Tenzin

Live Events/Copy Editor | She/Her

Youdon Tenzin is a journalism student at Toronto Metropolitan University. She is excited to join the StyleCircle family as a copy editor. She is passionate about writing on topics related (but not limited) to fashion, community and social issues. Outside of work and school, she enjoys hunting for cafes, listening to true crime podcasts and watching old sitcoms. 

Victoria covo headshot

Victoria Covo

Writer | She/Her

Born in Toronto and raised in Colombia, Victoria is a George Brown Fashion Techniques and design graduate and is currently completing her second year at Toronto Metropolitan University. She is working towards a specialization on design and textiles, she is hoping that this experience will allow her to learn different techniques and explore new mediums that will lead to new ideas and creations. Her passions include fashion, illustration, sculpture, writing and history.


Simren Jaswani

Writer | She/Her

Simren is a third year Fashion student at Toronto Metropolitan University, and she’s excited to return as a Writer for StyleCircle. She loves learning about and experimenting with different styles of communication in fashion, but she is particularly interested in journalism, layout design, emerging media, and art direction. When she’s not working on fashion-related projects, she can be found writing fiction novels, spending hours on Pinterest, watching K-dramas, or exploring new parts of the city with a set of earphones and a (low storage) camera in hand. 


Imani Edwards

Art Director Web | She/Her

Imani Edwards is a third year Fashion Communication student at X University. Imani is one of the In-House Photographers at StyleCircle. With over 5 years of photography and editing experience, Imani is excited to use those skills at StyleCircle and collaborate with other creatives. Imani is committed to communicating the stories of the BIPOC through photography, art direction, and fashion.

Ryan Macdonald

Art Director Print | He/They

Ryan MacDonald is a multidisciplinary artist and student in his fourth year of Fashion Communications at TMU. Ryan first joined the StyleCircle team as a Graphic Designer last year and is now excited to be working as the Art Director of Print, creating the eighth issue of The Book by StyleCircle. Passionate about all things art, fashion and pop culture, their work explores a wide range of mediums, including painting, illustration and photography and editorial design. They are interested in exploring the intersectionality of fashion, pop culture and social and political justice. When not designing or drowning in school work, he can be found shopping, enjoying the outdoors with friends or eating copious amounts of dried mangos.

Shirly To

Senior Graphic Designer | She/Her

Shirly To is a graphic designer and third year student pursuing a Bachelor’s Degree in Technology. As the first Senior Graphic Designer of Branding at StyleCircle, she is enthusiastic to create and translate StyleCircle’s message to the community and beyond. Her work revolves around her inspirations from culture, music, and fashion, influenced by her experiences in her ordinary life. Shirly specializes in visual identities, motion graphics and 3D modelling, and uses her knowledge of trends and understanding of the social and political environments to handle projects.

Kamesha Abraham

Graphic Designer | She/Her

Kamesha Abraham is a 1st year Graphic Communications Major at X University, and is working towards a minor in Marketing. She will be the newest addition to the 2021-2022 StyleCircle team as a Graphic Designer.

General Interests: playing volleyball, drawing, watching anime and finding new food places 

What I’m most excited about this position: I’m excited about exploring more about the different types of fashion trends around the world and exploring different creative outlets.

2022-05-14 22_12_36.261

Sanya Sharma

Graphic Designer | She/Her

Sanya Sharma is a first-year fashion student, who has a love for visuals and creating inclusive, as well as, diverse, media. Currently, she is not entirely sure what her future in the industry will be, and is wanting to learn as much as possible about different opportunities in fashion. However, she has been fashion designing for the last eight years and is a lover of the fine arts. 

Charlie Lake

Graphic Designer | She/Her

Charlie (Charlotte) Lake is a third year Fashion Communications student joining the Style Circle team for the first time as a Graphic Designer. Charlie has dreamt of print since The Devil Wears Prada and 13 Going on 30 so she is very excited to be a part of Style Circle this year. Her passions include illustration, particularly with traditional media like watercolour, as well as sustainability and vintage/second-hand shopping. Charlie’s longtime love of creating has led her to graphic design and translating her visions both traditionally and more recently, digitally. She looks forward to collaborating with an incredibly creative team and further developing her design skills in this role. 


Graphic Designer | She/Her

Cindy Phung is a third year Performance Production student at X University. She is excited to be a part of the 2021-2022 StyleCircle team as a Graphic Designer. With a passion for costume design and fashion, she’s always on the lookout for ways to get involved in fashion while incorporating her love for theatre and design. Outside of her role with StyleCircle, she is also a part of the X Musical Theatre Company as a member of the Media Team, and works as a Graphic Designer at Antifragile Zine. Elsewhere, you can find her working on editorial magazine photoshoots until 2 am, blaring the Hamilton Cast Recording.

Skylar Shatilla

Graphic Designer | She/Her

Skylar Shatilla is currently a third-year student at TMU’s Creative School in Creative Industries with a focus in Fashion and Interior Design from Montreal. Over the past few years, she has worked to found We’re Not Really Alike, her own knitted and hand-sewn sustainable fashion brand. Where she gained knowledge in styling, photography, marketing and graphic design, her free time interests include cooking, reading and finding inspiration from music and films.


Aiva Perrone

Graphic Designer

Aiva Perrone is a second year fashion major at TMU and is excited to be a member of the StyleCircle graphic design team. She is working towards specializations in fashion studies and communications as well as a minor in news studies with the goal of working for a fashion magazine after graduating.  Aiva is passionate about minimalist design and ethical garment production. When she is not at school Aiva enjoys doing her nails and designing her Animal Crossing island.

anya johnson

Anya Johnson

Graphic Designer | Any Pronouns

Anya Johnson is a fourth year Fashion Communication student at Toronto Metropolitan University and is excited to be joining the StyleCircle team as a Graphic Designer. Anya has a passion for illustration and enjoys experimenting with a variety of physical and digital media. Often drawing inspiration from graphic novels, comics, and animation, Anya loves to combine cartoon styles and elements of horror in their work.

zoe statiris

Graphic Designer | She/Her

Hello, my name’s Zoe and I’m a graphic designer based in Toronto. I’m entering my fourth and final year at X University, studying Graphic Communications Management (majoring in Packaging and minoring in Communications and Design). I just received PMMI’s (Packaging Machinery Manufacturers Institute) PACK EXPO Scholarship; I was the only Canadian to receive the award! Currently I am working as a graphic designer at Laboratory Creative Agency; I’m also working to print and publish my own zine. My work is sleek and fun; I use bold colours and outlines to create compelling imagery. I love the collaborative nature of the fashion, design, and art community, and am always open to work on new projects; if you want to chat please reach out, I don’t bite!


Tina Yu

Graphic Designer | She/Her

Tina is a graphic designer and event coordinator at Style Circle. She is a first year Fashion Communication student at Toronto Metropolitan University. With the completion of a two-year study of fine arts at the University of Manitoba, she continues her pursuit in fashion at TMU. She is a motivated fashion insider with specialist expertise in retail, digital rendering and performance monitoring having work experience in Tommy Hilfiger, Tory Burch and Chanel.

Melissa Photo

Melissa Robinson

Graphic Designer | She/Her

Melissa Robinson is a fourth-year student studying Fashion Communications at Toronto Metropolitan University’s Creative School. Over the past few years, she has worked several internships, most notably for the fashion publication S/ Magazine, while growing her expertise in graphic/editorial design, photography, and art direction. Outside of work, her interests include listening to music, reading, and going to art museums.

Molly Steels

Photographer | She/Her

Molly Steels is a Toronto based artist currently pursuing her BFA in Image Arts at X University. Her practice often involves visualizing emotion while exploring themes of vulnerability, identity and the human condition. The majority of her work leans towards conceptual photography as well as creative portraiture. She uses photography as a tool for self-expression, adventure and contemplating the world around her.

Lynn Nguyen

Photographer | She/Her

Lynn Nguyen is a fourth-year Creative Industries student specializing in Media Business and Printing/ Publishing, currently interested in art direction. Joining the team as a Photographer, Lynn wants to immerse herself in the magazine to inspire others with her art piece. She is flexible in creating art, since she enjoys experimenting with various themes and styles within the creative industry and getting to know people’s perspectives on creativity. She enjoys taking photos that are inspired by everyday activities and focus on one’s inner self. Her ideal day off is to binge-watch K-dramas or wander around the city with her friends. 



Avani Kalicharran

Podcast Director | She/Her

Avani Kalicharran is in her second year at Toronto Metropolitan University studying Fashion where she has a passion in media, journalism, and entrepreneurship. Avani is working to expand her understanding and knowledge of the various structures in place in order to drive effective and meaningful changes within the fashion industry. She is so excited to work with both the entire team to create beautiful and meaningful work with talented creatives.


Daisy Woelfling

Podcast Co-Host | She/Her

Daisy Woelfling is a 2nd year Creative Industries student, with focuses in Fashion and Print & Publishing. She is also pursuing a minor in Fashion Studies. She hopes these specializations will lead her down the path of art and creative direction in the world of fashion magazines. Daisy is a writer, visual artist, and avid lover of fashion history, but will be joining StyleCircle this year as a co-host of ‘The Podcast’ to initiate meaningful discourse surrounding the fashion industry.


Podcast Graphic Designer | She/Her

Abby is currently a fourth year student at Toronto Metropolitan University, studying Fashion Communication. She loves fashion and subcultures. She doesn’t care what other people think of her because she feels that people should do whatever they want, try the impossible, challenge themselves and live for themselves.