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Editor In Chief | She/Her

Tomi is a fashion and culture oriented individual who is currently in her third year of studying Fashion at TMU. She is passionate about creative directing, fashion designing, fashion journalism and business. Recreationally, she indulges in graphic design, reading fictional novels and watching documentaries about other cultures. Tomi’s mission is to continually amplify African voices in the world of Fashion and Design.



Creative Director | She/Her

Haley Sengsavanh is a fourth year student, majoring in Journalism and completing a double minor in Politics and Fashion Studies. Besides StyleCircle, she freelances for multiple international publications. Her writing has brought her to fashion shows all around the world, including sitting front row in New York and Paris. In her free time, you can find Haley strolling through museums, thrifting for unique clothing finds, drinking bubble tea or obsessing over cute raccoons or capybaras online. 




Director of Operations and Finance | She/Her

Hi everyone! My name is Liana and I am the Director of Operations and Finance here at
StyleCircle. It is my first time taking on a role like this and I am so excited to be here! I am a third
year Creative Industries student here at TMU with a focus on music and film business.
I look forward to learning more about another side of the creative industries through StyleCircle!



Julianna Brady

Co-Director of Events | She/Her

Julianna Brady is currently a third year Professional Communications student. This is her second year as Co-Director of Events and she is excited for what’s to come for the publication. Some of her interests include content creation, beauty, and all things food.


Lily Sartison

Co-Director of Events | She/Her

Lily Sartison is a fourth year Fashion student concentrating in Communications Design, and she is excited to be rejoining StyleCircle as Co-Director of Events. Lily values sustainable and inclusive fashion, and she enjoys project management and events planning. She was born and raised in Calgary, and loves Toronto and the TMU community. 



Event Coordinator | She/Her

Victoria is a first year RTA Media Production student and excited to join StyleCircle. She loves flowers, movies and her film camera to capture the beauty of nature. She’s thrilled to meet people and experience new things!


Event Coordinator | She/Her

Leah Mascarenhas is currently a third-year Professional Communications student, minoring in PR and Sociology. This year she is an events coordinator, and is excited for the production of the book. Her interests include fashion, beauty, event planning, and staying out late with friends.



Event Coordinator | She/Her

After a busy summer of exploring the city and travelling through Europe, Rebecca is excited to be back at StyleCircle for her second year on the events team. As a third-year fashion communications student she is always looking to gain experience for her future career in fashion event planning and enjoys working with the rest of the team to plan team meetings, fundraisers and of course, the book launch party! 

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Outreach Coordinator | She/Her

Hello, I’m Sophia, and I’m delighted to be an Outreach Coordinator for StyleCircle this year. With a background in Professional Communications and a passion for fashion, I look forward to contributing to the team’s success. Beyond school and work, I enjoy crafting handmade crochet pieces and exploring Toronto. I’m excited to collaborate with the StyleCircle team and make this year memorable.

marketing team

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Vanessa Tan

Director of Marketing | She/Her

Vanessa Tan is a Creative Industries student specializing in fashion and professional communications. This year she is continuing as the Director of Marketing at StyleCircle. With experience in digital marketing and content creation, she is excited to connect with fellow creatives and introduce StyleCircle to a broader audience. In her spare time, she loves trying new cafes around the city, getting lost in a good book, perusing Vogue Runway, and creating content for her blog. 



Digital Marketing Director | She/Her

Grace Lu (She/Her) Grace is a third-year Marketing student taking on the Director of Digital Marketing role at StyleCircle. As a self-proclaimed social media addict, she has extensive experience in content creation and managing student-facing accounts. Her mission this year is to expand StyleCircle’s social media presence and create high-performing content. Grace’s personal treasures include her pink digicam, Summer Fridays lip balm, and noise-cancelling headphones.
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Social Media Coordinator | She/Her

Ellie is a third-year Fashion student, majoring in Fashion Communications. She has loved
fashion for as long as she can remember and has taken a pique interest in social media and
marketing. When she has time to herself, she loves to take photos, spend time with friends, and
go out to cafes. This will be Ellie’s first year working with StyleCircle and she is so excited to
bring new ideas, learn from others, and connect with like-minded creatives along the way.

Georgia Ball Headshot

Georgia Ball

Social Media Coordinator | She/Her

Georgia is currently completing her third year at Toronto Metropolitan University, studying Creative Industries. She is interested in pursuing a career in Social Media Marketing. This is her second year as a social media coordinator for Style Circle, and in her free time, she produces content for her social media platforms, where she shares lifestyle and fashion content. Georgia is passionate about creating content for Gen Zs and hopes to inspire them to be the best version of themselves while looking their best too!



Social Media Coordinator | She/Her

Isabela Gorgonio is a third-year Fashion student who continuously explores her interests in her
culture, women’s studies, and her passion for art direction. She hopes to integrate her interests
into her role as a Social Media Coordinator at StyleCircle. She is thrilled to work alongside the
inspiring and driven team at StyleCircle. During her free time, you’ll find her climbing plastic
rock walls, reviewing local cafes, and visiting the AGO.



Marketing Coordinator | She/Her

Alicia is currently a third-year student in the Professional Communications program at TMU, and is on track to receive a minor in Marketing. She is the founder and owner of her own ecommerce vintage clothing store and has a strong passion for fashion and sustainability. With experience in digital and social media marketing, Alicia is so excited to be a part of the Style Circle team as a marketing coordinator where she can combine her love for fashion, arts, and marketing to make a positive difference at TMU and the fashion industry!



Marketing Coordinator | She/Her

Aliyah is a third year Creative Industries student specializing in Fashion and Media Business. In her free time she enjoys cafe hopping, reading, taking aesthetically pleasing photos and watching k-dramas. She just completed an internship with a start-up at The Fashion Zone doing email marketing, blogging, content creation and editing tiktoks and instagram posts so she is excited to continue pursuing her passion in fashion as well as marketing here at StyleCircle. 



Marketing Coordinator | She/Her

Zoe is a third-year Creative Industries student pursuing professional modules in Fashion and Graphic Design. After moving from the East Coast to Toronto, she has taken up creative endeavours in a new vibrant city. She is interested in the integration of digital technologies into the fashion world. On weekends, you can find Zoe singing and dancing the night away. There is nothing she loves more than her besties, the beach, and Beyoncé.

editorial team



Co-Managing Web Editor | She/Her

Jennah Faruqui is one of the Co-Managing Editor of the Website for Style Circle and is currently in her third year of Fashion at TMU. She pulls inspiration from feminist perspectives and cultural identities to enhance her research and writing topics, with a specific focus on the fashion industry. Her interests lie in design, jewelry, and playing hockey.


Eishvinder Gill

Co-Managing Editor of Web | She/Her

Eishvinder Gill is a final year student studying Fashion Design at Toronto Metropolitan University. In her work, she strives to constantly embody the importance of self-expression, individuality, and being your true self, especially when it comes to fashion! As Co-Managing Editor of Web, Eishvinder is able to unleash and tap into her love for all things beauty and fashion-related. When she’s not designing or sewing a new garment, Eishvinder can be found on long nature walks, listening to music with her dog, or binging a new Netflix show! 



Managing Editor of Print and Lead Copy Editor | He/Him

Jacob Marion is a 4th-year journalism student at Toronto Metropolitan University and will be returning to StyleCircle for a third year, now as the managing editor of print and lead copy editor. He has a strong passion for writing and creating media about fashion, culture, social and world issues. Jacob loves animals, collecting magazines, and vintage shopping during his off-time.  



Copy Editor | She/Her

Hi, I’m Saadiya Patel! I’m a third year Professional Communication student. Other than reading and writing, I’m especially interested in translation and multimedia as a tool for change. When I’m not forcing my friends to read my latest favourite book, you’ll find me exploring the city in search of the best cafes and stationery shops!



Copy Editor | She/Her

Janne is a third year fashion student pursuing a concentration in design. Outside of fashion her interests include reading, video games, baking, learning languages, and thrifting. 


Taite Krueger

Copy Editor/Writer | She/Her

A recent Creative Industries graduate, with specializations in Fashion and Performance, Taite has always loved writing. From poetry to short fiction to features, she enjoys exploring ideas of fashion, identity, and sustainability. Taite is currently working as Copywriter and Marketing Coordinator within Toronto’s children’s fashion industry. In her free time you can find Taite with a matcha latte in her hand and her nose in a book. 




Fashion Editor | She/Her

Stecy is a second-year student in fashion. Last year, She was one of our podcast co-hosts, and this year she continues her journey with us as Fashion Editor. Stecy has strong opinions on the industry and how to move forward positively, She wants to mix various mediums to showcase the ways identity and creativity intersect in storytelling while bringing more representation for people who look like her in decision-making positions.



Fashion Editor | She/Her

Eva Licata is a fifth year Fashion Communications student, taking the role of Fashion Editor for the Style Circle this year. She is inspired by sustainable fashion practices and design, concentrating her Capstone project in sustainable fashion studies. Her hobbies include designing for her brand, Spicy Princess where she explores creativity in design and how to manufacture fashion in an eco-friendly style.

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Sophie Diego

Style Editor | She/Her

With a bachelor’s degree in journalism, Sophie Diego has taken her writing skills to the fashion world. She is a second-year student in TMU’s fashion program and is interested in design and communication. Accomplishments include working at Weddingbells magazine and assisting Jillian Joy Ubando, a Toronto-based designer specializing in custom bridal wear and ready-to-wear pieces. Her interests include sustainability, the clothing industry, culture, and issues revolving around BIPOC and the LGBTQ+ community. Outside of work, you can typically find her at her sewing machine. 



Style Editor | She/Her

Chloe is a Stye Editor for StyleCircle and a third-year Professional Communication student at TMU. Passionate about pop culture, thrifting, and sharing too much about herself online, she enjoys writing about style influences and fashion’s impact on society. Never leaving home without red lipstick and one of their many film cameras, Chloe spends their spare time leaving lipstick stains on coffee cups, reading women’s literature, and taking photos on film doing both these things. 



Style Editor | She/Her

Roshanne Niamir, a fourth-year Professional Communication student, is one of the new Style
Editors this year for Style Circle. She feels most confident when she’s wearing her best outfit
and (literally) can’t leave the house without one. She loves reading romance novels (shoutout to
Colleen Hoover), could eat sushi every day, and hopes to inspire the Style Circle audience in
fashion and styling.


Avani Kalicharran

Beauty Editor | She/Her

Avani Kalicharran (she/her) is in her third year at Toronto Metropolitan University studying Fashion where she has a passion in media, journalism, and entrepreneurship. Avani is working to expand her understanding and knowledge of the various systematic structures in place in order to drive effective and meaningful changes. She is so excited to work this year with the editorial as a beauty editor to create beautiful and meaningful work with talented creatives. 

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Beauty Editor | She/Her

Ola Omar is a Fashion student specialized in Design Leadership and Marketing. She is passionate about helping everyone enjoy fashion and be part of the conversation. Her skills include social media management, graphic design, and web design. In addition to her love for fashion, Ola is also a certified Makeup Artist. Her best days are when she’s booked to do makeup. She loves to embrace everyone’s beauty and spread self-love and confidence through her artistry. She is very excited to share her experience in the beauty industry with Style Circle this year as a beauty editor.



Beauty Editor | She/Her

Enza Borson is a Beauty Editor on StyleCircle completing her fourth year of Creative Industries. Specializing in Media Business and Graphic Communications, she is interested in the intersection of media, aesthetics and the cultural zeitgeist. At a young age she discovered her passion for beauty and fashion, leaning into the areas of nail art, makeup, jewelry and thrifting. In her spare time you can find her working as a creative nail artist, scrolling through pinterest and eating sushi!



Writer | She/Her

Aliyah Noor Keshavjee is a second year fashion student at Toronto Metropolitan University focusing on fashion journalism, photography, and communication.



Art Director Web | She/They

Amanda Edwards is a third-year Graphic Communications Management student at TMU, with a dedicated interest in Printing/Publishing and Artistic Leadership. Throughout their adolescence she acted as founder/editor of digital publication BLOOM THE MAG – a worldwide collaborative magazine for young independent artists. She holds strong values in authenticity and diversity, and aims to create a kinder, more inclusive environment in all ventures. Outside of StyleCircle you can find them tucked away in the public library, curating new playlists or laying in bed.



Art Director Print | She/Her

Daniele Ruddock is a third year Fashion Communications student at TMU, joining StyleCircle for the very first time as the Art Director of Print. After taking a typography class, she found herself engrossed in creating visual content using Adobe software. In her free time, she can be found playing dress up with clothes in her closet, thrifting and analyzing classical literature at cafés. Dani is excited to be working with the very talented and creative members of the visual team in creating content for the ninth issue of The Book.



Senior Graphic Designer (Print) and Writer | She/Her

Simren Jaswani is a fourth-year fashion student who loves experimenting with—and being inspired by—different forms of media, like film, photography, fiction, graphic design, and video games. When she’s not working on fashion-related projects, she can be found writing fiction novels, watching K-Dramas, or exploring new parts of the city with a pair of earphones and her (perpetually out-of-storage) camera in hand.



Graphic Designer | She/Her

Fatema Kaderbhai is a fourth-year Fashion Communications student who brings her passion for cultural hybridity and identity exploration to Style Circle as a graphic designer. With an eye for both 2D and 3D visual mediums, Fatema enjoys merging the worlds of fashion and graphic design together. Beyond that, she thrives on adventure and creativity. On any given day off, you might catch her rock climbing or crocheting in the park; it really depends on the day. 



Graphic Designer | She/Her

Aiva is a third year fashion student, studying communications and graphic design. She loves learning about fashion history and going to vintage shops. In her free time you can find Aiva watching anime or painting her nails.



Graphic Designer | She/Her

Hello! My name is Ibrena Daradia and I am a second year Professional Communication student
from Indonesia! My dream is to enter the entertainment or the music industry as part of the
Public Relations team! Fashion, beauty, and advertising have always been part of my interests and I am so thrilled to be part of Style Circle as a Graphic Designer this year! I can’t wait to pitch in and create creative designs for the team! I am also passionate about animals ( I used to help run an animal rescue back home!) and I love cooking, baking, taking pictures, and going to cute cafes or brunch places! 

Elizabeth Sung_Headshot


Graphic Designer | She/Her

Elizabeth Sung is a second-year Fashion Design student at TMU, joining StyleCircle as a graphic designer for the 23/24 school year. With a background in visual art studies and content creation, she is excited to collaborate with other creative individuals at StyleCircle. In her free time, she can be found scrolling through Tumblr and Pinterest or exploring cafes around the city.

Duaa Shahzad - Headshot


Graphic Designer | She/Her

Haiya! I’m Duaa and currently I’m studying my 2nd year in the Graphic Communications Management program! I’m a creator at heart (artist, writer, character designer, graphic & web designer) who hopes to pursue a career within the print industry & produce her own comic series! I love all things cute (Sanrio, anybody?) and related to sweets! These are my main influences when it comes to my visual style. 



Graphic Designer | She/Her

I’m Engila Shere, a third-year Creative Industries student at Toronto Metropolitan University. I’m passionate about graphic design, fashion, and photography. Beyond that, I am a devoted art gallery explorer and an advocate for all things Creative. Joining this project fills me with excitement, and I’m eager to work with the fantastic team to create something unique.



Graphic Designer | She/Her

Sanya Sharma is a second-year fashion communications student, with a love for pretty pictures and good art. She is working again with StyleCircle this year as a Senior Graphic Designer!




Lead Photographer | She/Her

Jahna Bird is a second year student at Toronto Metropolitan University working towards
receiving her bachelor’s degree in fashion design. While in her studies she is learning how to
construct visually pleasing garments, Jahna has various other creative interests and skills,
including creative writing, drumming and of course the reason she is with Style Circle, film
photography. This is not her first job working with a local magazine company, however it is
definitely one she values and she hopes to bring an incredible new level of innovation and
creativity to the team.



Photographer | She/Her

Ria is a fourth year Creative Industries student with a focus on the fashion industry and the
music industry. This is Ria’s second year with StyleCircle and she is thrilled to see what this year
has in store for StyleCircle! She enjoys music, photography, reading, and exploring the city with
her friends. Ria is excited to meet the rest of the StyleCircle team, and cannot wait to get started
on putting The Book together!

Lilly Turmel headshot


| She/Her

Lilly is a second year Fashion student joining StyleCircle as a stylist for the 23/24 school year. She enjoys photography, textiles and music. When not on campus, she can usually be found reading romance or editing vlogs. She is excited to meet other creatives & expand her knowledge of the fashion world.

Lauren Constantino Headshot


Stylist | She/Her

Lauren Constantino is a second year Fashion Design student at Toronto Metropolitan University.
Within the Fashion space, her interests lie in costume design, fabric manipulation techniques,
culture and circularity. Outside of school, you will find her rewatching romcoms or perusing
through thrift shops.



Stylist | She/Her

Hi, my name is Hannah Clifton and I am a fashion student in my second year at Toronto
Metropolitan University. My work mainly focuses on photography, styling, creative direction,
and graphic design. I am super excited to be a part of the Style Circle team as a stylist this year,
learning from and collaborating with fellow creatives!


Isabella Deiulis


Podcast Director | She/Her

Isabella Deiulis is a Creative Industries major at Toronto Metropolitan University and new Podcast Director for StyleCircle. Living in Toronto her entire life, she hopes to share all stylish things about the city she calls home. She writes her perspective on fashion, lifestyle, and culture. When she’s not recording for StyleCircle, she is probably out compulsively shopping or hanging out with her two kittens, Lady and Louis❣️ Find her on instagram, @isabella.dei

Neda Madany


Podcast Co-Host | She/Her

Neda Madany is completing a Bachelor of Journalism and Minor in Fashion Studies at Toronto Metropolitan University. New to the team, she is excited for her role as StyleCircle’s new co-host for The Podcast. With interests in observing fashion and engaging in conversations regarding issues within the industry, she hopes to pursue a career in Fashion, Arts and Culture Writing.