Land Acknowledgement

The land where StyleCircle operates has an important history, present and future that we need to understand and acknowledge. This land is called Turtle Island and it is originally the home of many Indigenous peoples. It is the unceded traditional territory of the Anishinaabe, the Haudenosaunee, the Wendat and the Mississauagas of New Credit. We acknowledge and respect these nations as the past, present and future true inhabitant people of this land. What is today known as Toronto is located in the Dish With One Spoon Treaty Territory. A treaty between the Anishinaabe, the Haudenosaunee and the Mississauagas that bound them together to share the territory and protect the land. We want to recognize that we are sharing this land on which Toronto sits with each other.

Editorial Team

Editor-In-Chief: Imani Dominique Busby

Creative Director: Swetha Sutharsan

Managing Editor of Print: Soukita Morgan
Managing Editor of Web: Samira Balsara
Lead Copy Editor: Eishvinder Gill
Copy Editors: Anh Phan, Erica Weekes, Youdon Tenzin, Harleen Grewal, Elizabeth Knowles, Taite Krueger, Jacob Marion
Fashion Editors: Lauren Rizzo, Elham Mirhosseini, Heritage Wisdom, Tomi Segun-Adebowale
Style Editors: Sophie Diego, Anna Fam
Culture Editors: Jennah Faruqui, John Vo
Beauty Editor: Avani Kalicharran
Live Event Editor: Youdon Tenzin
Writers: Simren Jaswani, Georgia Mills, Victoria Covo, Taite Krueger

Art Team

Art Director of Print: Ryan MacDonald

Art Director of Web: Imani Edwards 

Senior Graphic Designer (Branding): Shirley To 

Graphic Designers: Kamesha Abraham, Sanya Sharma, Charlotte Lake, Cindy Phung, Skylar Shatilla, Aiva Perrone, Fionna Xu, Anya Johnson, Nicole Mastrantoni, Zoe Statiris, Tina Yu, Melissa Robinson

Photographers: Daniel Simpson, Ria Bhalla, Molly Steels, Lynn Nguyen, Tahirah Drue

Videographer: Anushay Sheikh 

Stylists: Heritage Wisdom, Zaneta Ambassa

Operations Team

Director of Operations: Hannah Bousfield

Events & Marketing Team

Events Co-Directors: Julianna Brady, Lily Sartison

Events Coordinators: Tina Yu, Paulina Kubaczkowski, Rebecca Grabinsky, Atusa Farahani

Marketing Team

Marketing Director: Vanessa Tan

Digital Marketing Director: Tamia James

Social Media Coordinators: Aliya Karimjee, Mackenzie Jagger, Georgia Ball

Marketing Coordinators: Crissy Lee, Stella He, Grace Jung, Isabelle Rossi

Podcast Team

Podcast Director: Avani Kalicharran

Media Editor: Cassie Argao 

Co-Hosts: Stecy Helena Franck, Daisy Woelfling, Trish Hyatt

Graphic Designer: Abby Zhao


Shadi Be, Edie Violet, Starkers Corsetry, Jillian Joy Ubando, Hyla Golden Del Castillo, Mika Espinal, Ashwini Thayaparan, Nima Mansouri, Anandi Kalicharran, Emily Saumure, Mollie Pie, Nicki Nastasia, Catherine Lejarde, Isabela Gorgonio, Mark Iya, Osimhe Paul, Derin Odubanjo, Moogie Ariho, Peter Stanford, Aneesa Shariff, Maham Malek, Max-Delroy Georges, Haley Sensavanh, Sara Mohmand, Ellen Song’e, Abuk Tong, Domonic Montes, Mars Fantasy, Sarah Rakiya Mamza, Kapil Kalicharran, Edgar Magboo, Precious Ayolade, Yugo Ozigbo, Chloe MacDonald, Laneigh Ramirez, Chris Otchere


Give Them Their Flowers, The Eight Anniversary Issue of The Book by StyleCircle

To Give Them Their Flowers. We all have someone who motivated us to reach for the stars and dream bigger. Whether they are family, friends, ourselves, or someone we can only dream of meeting, these people played fundamental roles in empowering us to be where and who we are today.


The Book 08: Give Them Their Flowers aims to thank these individuals. We aim to honour those who set precedents for us by breaking through systemic barriers of access, racism, homophobia, transphobia, and oppression; and to recognize the work of emerging creatives who are also paving a way for new talent to thrive. We aim to celebrate the ways in which our various cultures are the cornerstone of the fashion industry while also honoring the beauty of our individual self-expression.


I would like to thank the StyleCircle 223/234 exec team, general team, and guest contributors for all your incredible work in making this issue a success. Thank you for sharing your stories and inspiring us through these pieces.


To the reader,

When we pitched this concept to the team, we encouraged them to think through the questions below. As you read through Issue 08, I ask you to do the same.

What does it mean to give someone their flowers?
Which fashion creatives have left needed impact on the industry in regards to representation and inclusion?
Which Toronto fashion creatives should we pay attention to? Why? How are they doing groundbreaking work?
How do we honour our cultures through fashion? What is your relationship to your culture’s traditional forms of dress?
How can we honour ourselves through rest while working within a fast paced industry?
How do we honour our inner child?
How can we express joy through fashion and what do we celebrate when we do so?


Thank you for picking up this Issue. I hope it brings you joy, affirmation, and the firm belief that anything you wish to accomplish is possible.

All love,

Imani Dominique Busby