Behind the Scenes at Toronto Women’s Fashion Week w. HendrixRoe

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Another great one is in the books for Canadian fashion brand HendrixRoe. In the brand’s second Toronto Women’s Fashion Week (TWFW) show, designer Jordan Erin McKay, aka Jem, brought more rock and roll flare to the runway with some 70s vibes thrown in for good measure. The brand has grown in popularity over the last year, following their successful debut menswear collection in 2016 and continuing into this second womenswear collection.

Historical Homage

The acclaim they’ve seen is due in large part to the homage they pay to the great trends of decades past, the most obvious of which make up the brand’s name. Hendrix, paying tribute to Jimi, one of the most celebrated electric guitarists of the 20th century who remains one of the best that has ever lived. And Roe, as in Marilyn Monroe, an icon for the sexual revolution and popular culture starting in the 1950s who’s influence remains to this day.

Rebel Rebel

This brand completely embodies the rebellious and exciting spirit that is aligned with rock and roll and it seems that every decision made relating to their recent runway show kept that in mind. From the models chosen, to the styling, to the performances on the runway, everyone came to have a good time and a good time was had by all.

A Sight for Bored Eyes

Given that a large portion of the TWFW shows this season were lacklustre in energy, and most of the clothes fell short of inspiring, HendrixRoe was a welcome splash of tequila amidst an offering of watered down vodka crans. The music was loud, the models were pumped up and every outfit that fluttered down the runway was too colourful for words. Prints and patterns clamoured for attention atop models whose hair sprayed locks were just as eye-catching. At times you didn’t know what to focus on more: the clothes or the free-wheeling model wearing them.

The backstage was no different. It was the best kind of controlled chaos, with models free to interact with the cameras and last minute changes still taking place minutes before they took to the runway. The general consensus seemed to be to get sh** done but to not take it all too seriously in the process – to let the chips fall where they may. This mindset has clearly been working for them. To get an idea of what we mean, take a look below at some of our favourite moments from backstage at the SS’18 HendrixRoe runway show.