The Takeover of the Dress Pant

How this workplace classic is taking over…
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The traditional trouser, wide-leg dress pants, paperbag waist pants — are all variations on a timeless fashion staple. Recently, there has been a reclaiming of the dress pant, particularly as a piece of womenswear (read more here). However, the trouser has launched a complete and total takeover in the past year, acting not only as a workday go-to, but as a versatile and unique addition to any type of outfit. 

No longer just a staple of the nine to five, dress pants are becoming integral to creating all sorts of outfits – from club night looks to cozy winter fits and post-work date attire. Dress pants are extremely versatile, as they come in a variety of colors and styles. Seen on media platforms like TikTok; wide-leg, high-waisted trousers can pair perfectly with corset tops, silky bodysuits, chunky crochet sweaters, and even oversized thrifted tees. Next add a jean jacket, knit cardigan, or trench coat. Accessorize with stacked necklaces, rings, and any bag you like. Then, throw on a pair of heeled booties, sneakers, or even Doc Martens to complete the look. Another aspect that I believe contributes to their accelerated popularity, is that trousers can easily be dressed up or dressed down— they truly work for any occasion. 

For me, the dress pant is not only versatile but creates some of the most interesting and unique outfits. As a traditionally masculine fashion piece, combining trousers with more ‘feminine’ pieces can create looks that play with juxtaposition. Staple wardrobe pieces must be versatile and interesting and trousers satisfy both these requirements. While dress pants have always been a reliable work item, hanging in the back of the closet and waiting for a presentation day at work, they are now taking over as daywear, nightwear, and everything in-between. This is the takeover of the dress pant.

These are just a handful of examples of versatile and creative outfits being created using trousers…