Where to Shop Vintage in Toronto

Vintage shopping has shifted online; here are eight Toronto shops to check out!


Vintage shopping has been on the rise, and 2020 certainly accelerated its growth! In 2018, ThreadUp projected that the total secondhand apparel market would reach $51 billion in 2023. It is now expected to hit $64 billion in 2024, mainly thanks to a significant jump in the resale sector. Great news for secondhand fashion! However, the pandemic has come with lows for the industry as well.

I asked some Toronto vintage store owners about the impacts of COVID-19. Their responses reflected that the past year was one of change, in which no one knew exactly how to proceed. Courage My Love closed its Kensington Market storefront in March 2020 and opened an online store, selling vintage pieces directly through Instagram and Etsy. Retro Heads similarly pivoted to focus entirely on selling through online platforms. Vintage stores have also adapted their offerings as the secondhand market has grown, expanding into new customer segments as younger generations demand responsible business models. Courage My Love saw these demographic changes; when their storefront reopened in the spring of 2020, it appeared their customers were from completely different customer segments than before the pandemic, namely teenagers. They adapted their offerings, becoming self-described “crop-top central.” 

Because of lockdowns, most local vintage stores have moved online; here are eight go-to Toronto vintage stores!

96 TEARS VINTAGE (1267 Bloor St W)

Currently they’re selling through their Instagram Stories, and recently posted a teaser for their new online store, coming soon! For now, take outfit inspiration from the tremendously fun styling of the shoots on their social media feed, like this print mixing dream


A second hand designer and thrift store that sells online through their website and Depop. They sell curated clothing and objects, such as this beautiful glass claw ashtray!

PUBLIC BUTTER (1290 Queen St W)

Operating under the same ownership as Black Market Vintage, both vintage stores are accessible through this website, and both are offering curbside pickup!

COURAGE MY LOVE (14 Kensington Ave)

A Kensington Market staple, with it’s eye-catching blue building and funky storefront, now selling on Etsy!

RETRO HEADS (143 Augusta Ave)

Started by twins Troy and Theo, who have always drawn to ‘80s and ‘90s fashion. Their store sells mostly vintage streetwear, with a large selection of t-shirts and windbreakers. They’re currently selling their pieces online, and have pickup options! My wishlist starts with this “fume pas la moquette” t-shirt.

MAMA LOVES YOU (541 Queen St W)

Curated by a mother-daughter duo, each piece is selected carefully, and is washed, mended, and steamed before being offered for sale. They are currently selling through Instagram, and offer curbside pickup and worldwide shipping!

CHOSEN VINTAGE (1599 Dundas St W)

A growing Toronto company for over a decade—pieces can be purchased through their website, or their Instagram stories! My top pick is this black leather blazer!


Local pickup is currently suspended here until a new permanent location is found, but they’re still selling online. A piece that’s caught my eye is this cool colour-block sweatshirt from the ‘80s!