Colourful illustration of three figures modelling different boot styles.


Winter is here! Need a footwear refresh? Check out these great boots for the season!
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What happens when the temperature drops and the wind chills us to the bone? We do not drop our fashion game, we adapt with one of fashion’s greatest gifts: boots. 

I am known for loving a good boot. So when we say the phrase, “walk with confidence, I truly believe our footwear is the literal first-step to achieving a persona that oozes liquid gold. I’ve compiled a list of seven trending styles for this 2021 winter season. So take some inspiration for your next winterlicious look! Has your favourite slush-fighting footwear made the cut?


Goodbye, ankle boots! The tight-fitting material is sure to lengthen your legs. These are great to wear with midi skirts, dresses, leggings, or skinny jeans, especially if there is a slight heel to give a subtle lift.


We love a chunky combat look, bonus points if it’s a platform shoe as well! If you’re lucky, they will even come with a zipper on the side for ease putting on and off, rather than doing up the laces each time. 


This animal print look is much more nuanced than the loud leopard or snake prints. It has an elegant and elevated quality that onlookers are sure to envy. The best part is that designers are using a print, rather than actual animal leathers, so your boots will look just as expensive but are a fraction of the cost!


A throwback to the ‘90s, when the square-toe was famous. Overall, the general rule is not to wear boots that appear ‘boxy’ and inexpensive; however, when created correctly, square-toed pointed footwear presents a less traditional and confident way to accessorize. 


If you didn’t like the combat boot trend, this is another great option! I know the ability to slip boots on-and-off easily is a super attractive quality. These comfortable boots are becoming more versatile and slick while keeping the traction on the bottom, so you don’t slip in the snow. Who said practical couldn’t be trendy?


Hardcore fashionista’s have at least one pair of colourful boot’s in their close; isn’t that one of the best ways to brighten the dark winter blues? Neutral boots have been a constant this year, but so have the pops of colour, especially on the runway, such as Nina Ricci’s recent fashion show. 


The traction is unmatched! A boot with a rubber bottom with deep grooves indented for grip, black ice has met its match! This style is a fusion of combat and chelsea boots, so it’s easy to understand why it has found its place in this season’s trends.