Text reading “Colouring Pages” overlaid with an expressive illustration of a figure on a colour gradient background.

Colouring Pages for Fashion Lovers

Get creative with these fashion-lover colouring pages, including trend favourites like the Telfar Shopping Bag. They’re perfect for the next day spent snowed-in over the winter break.
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GRAPHIC Mia Yaguchi-Chow

To access the colouring pages, simply right click to save the image as a PDF.

Colouring page illustration of Telfar Shopping Bag, shown twice: once held by a hand wearing a bracelet, once by itself.
Colouring page illustration of a figure in a wheelchair with leg extended, accompanied by illustrations of shoes.
Colouring page illustrations of two figures in matching clothing sets.
Colouring page illustration close up on a figure's upper chest, neck and lower face. The figure wears floral jewelry.