Illustration of two sweatsuits, one black and one white, across a gradient background.

Where to Buy Your Next Sweatsuit

We’ve all been relying on sweatsuits a bit more than usual in 2020; here are a few places to look for new additions to the everyday uniform.


As if we didn’t already have enough of an excuse to spend our days in sweatsuits, winter’s here to give us that extra bit of encouragement. Years after the pandemic, we’ll look back at 2020 as the year athleisure went into overdrive; as the puffer jackets come out and the gloves come on, it’s understandable if you want to add a few new two-pieces to the rotation. 

Here are the best online stores to shop for your next sweatsuit!


mnml is so minimalistic, they don’t even capitalize; what started as another Instagram brand has evolved into a streetwear store with some real clout. Be sure to size down, because what they call a medium would be an XL anywhere else.


Drake’s brand already has major street cred in Toronto, and for good reason. OVO’s collection of sweatpants, crews, and hoodies are made in Canada, and can last for years. Style a black two-piece with a chain like Drizzy himself, and you’ll be set for the rest of winter.


Call them sweatsuits 2.0, because Entireworld offers everything but the grey, coffee-stained rags you’re too embarrassed to run to the corner store in. From LA-based designer Scott Sternberg, Entireworld’s line of colourful two-pieces went viral at the start of work-from-home; monochromatic red, green, yellow, and basically every other colour of the rainbow is just what we need as the temperatures keep dropping.


You didn’t really think we could make it through this list without name-dropping Aritzia, did you? Giving us every shade of beige, brown, and black under the sun, Aritzia is the go-to for women’s leisurewear. Gents, you might even be able to get away with a large size, because those TNA track pants are pretty roomy. 

Alexander Wang

Comfort, but make it luxe. Alexander Wang has been selling premium sweatsuits for a few years, and now is as good a time as ever to splurge. Featuring a barely-there logo, these are the sweatsuits you actually want to be seen in. Whether you stick with the hoodies or go for the acid-wash crewnecks, it’s as effortless as it looks.