Illustration of six circles, each showing different ways to fashionably wear a face mask.

How to Get Glam with Mask Styling

From brands that make fashion-forward masks, to DIY, looking at ways to spruce up this pandemic-era accessory.


Living in the age of the current pandemic, mask-wearing may be an innate practise by now – a thoughtless routine action before heading out for the day. For myself, utilizing masks within my daily routine began as a seamless and slightly disappointing fashion accessory. Believe it or not, I had no previous experience piecing together looks to compliment a blue surgical mask over my face. 

However with time, I’ve replaced my complaining with understanding, and accepted mask-wearing for what it truly is; a vital safety measure. Though currently mandatory, I’ve learned that masks do have the ability to be enjoyable and even a fashionable statement. 

Masks have easily become the most integral and fashionable part of any outfit I’ve chosen for the day. Subtlety or obvious daily glam can be perfected through the use of masks; from colour, pattern to customization. I’ve used masks as an opportunity to explore and up my daily fashion game. 

I’ve gathered a few helpful suggestions and tips to create something beyond a mask-friendly look. Rather, colliding a world of trends and high-end fashion into daily mask choices. Fashion should be fun, expressive and unique, why shouldn’t our masks be too?


Colour coordination is an easy, yet chic way to use your mask as a complimentary accessory. Any mask you own can be used to colour coordinate with your outfit, eyeshadow, shoes, etc. The beauty behind this tip is how easily it can be incorporated with what you already have. Try a powder blue eyeshadow look to match any blue surgical mask if that’s all you have access to right now. Creativity and resourcefulness are the key components.


Give your mask a personal nod to who you are. Customize your own mask with your initials, a quote/mantra you connect with, a personal brand logo, or an illustration of yourself and friends. Personalization can help highlight your own unique personality, amidst what may seem like a collective sea of face coverings. Below are some companies/businesses that specialize in catering to your customization needs for mask-wearing. You Ink It, Vistaprint Canada, Snapfish, Etsy Custom Mask Shops.


Flex your fashion muscles and embolden any mask look with wow-factor design elements; try a mask with dangling fringe, sparkles, chains, ribbon, bows, etc. Whether for a special occasion, or upkeeping a daily need to serve looks, these mask elements guarantee double-takes. Find a mask that will keep the flow of the fit alive and exciting with these companies and brands. Second Wind, SSENSE, BalancedCasa via Etsy, StitchGeekSewing via Etsy, 5W1HStudio via Etsy, Katringloss via Etsy. 


Be fashionably proactive by purchasing a matching mask/outfit set! Many companies have created specific garments and accessories with matching or complimenting mask designs. Anything from bucket hats, scrunchies to full length gowns can match or compliment your mask design. Below are a list of brands selling matching mask/clothing/accessory sets. The Kit, ChicNyler via Etsy, Room Shop Vintage, RevolveDillard’s, HVN