Close up on woman's eyes with fluorescent yellow graphic eyeliner

Fluorescent Eyeliner is the Star of This Beauty Editorial

In her first beauty editorial, photographer Imani Edwards explores the technical elements of image while shooting fun, vibrant looks.
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MUA Shauntel Clarke

MODELS  Emily Manbode & Ay Johnson-Olanrewaju

ASSISTANTS ON SET Brittany Mackenzie, Chea Ann Nelson-Dennis, Brayan Diaz 

In my project ‘Fluorescent’, I wanted to expand my portfolio portrait photography and introduce the art of beauty photography. The images in this editorial perfectly capture the fine details of the makeup and skin. 

With ‘Fluorescent’ being my first beauty editorial, I explored the different angles, light directions, and reflections that the camera’s lens could create. 

fluorescent eyeliner woman holding hand to cheek wearing sunglasses
fluorescent eyeliner close up on woman wearing graphic eyeliner