The Holiday Edit

With the holiday season upon us, StyleCircle put together an editorial to inspire your holiday fashion choices. Each of these pieces is budget and sparkle friendly! Happy Holidays!
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Emma wears Zara dress & Tanarah wears H&M Blazer Dress
Tanarah wears Zara Silver Sequined Dress with Zara Snakeskin Boots & thrifted earrings
Emma wears H&M Blazer with Zara Earrings & Tanarah wears H&M Dress with H&M Earrings
Emma wears (left) Zara Blazer Dress with belt & Thirfted heels. Emma wears (right) H&M dress and earrings
Emma wears Zara Dress Coat with H&MxEytys Combat Boots. Tanarah wears thrifted Pants with Uniqlo Button-Up Shirt, Zara Cropped Velvet Blazer and Zara Snakeskin Heels
Tanarah wears H&M Dress with H&M Earrings
Tanarah wears Houndstooth coat by Zara with Patent Leather Hat. Emma wears Zara Blazer Dress
Tanarah wears (left) Star Print Zara Mens Dress Shirt with thrifted pants and heels. Tanarah wears (right) Uniqlo Button-Up Shirt with Zara Cropped Velvet Blazer