The Nike 1 Reimagined: A Collection by Women for Women

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It’s 2018 and Nike and Jordan Brand are finally releasing women’s only collections. If you aren’t a sneaker head like most of us here at StyleCircle, you may not have seen the latest Nike Women’s release. The 1 Reimagined is Nike’s newest drop just for women. The release contains 10 newly reimagined and redesigned Nike classics. The release contains 5 personalities including Jester, Rebel, Lover, Explorer, Sage which emulate five ideals that are present in today’s progressive female fashion landscape, said the Nike designers. Each pack is a new design of an Air Force 1 and an Air Jordan 1. The line was designed by 14 amazing female designers at Nike, which has never been done before. The women that designed the collection contain a group of colour specialists, shoe designers, and shoe innovation designers.

Women’s shoe launches normally contain stereotypical female colour-ways and branding that marketers believe will entice the female market. These tactics they think will resonate are often infantilizing and miss the mark of where women actually are. The 1 Reimagined changes the landscape of women’s sneakers and has been called the 10 for women (Off White c/o Vigil Abloh). The designs are neutral and can easily be added to anyone’s wardrobe. The collection also has been recognized for achieving a number of firsts, including the tallest stack height on an Air Force 1 (AF1 Jester XX), the first-ever Air Force 1 Mule (AF1 Lover XX), and first ever corset lacing (AF1 Rebel XX).