Toronto Has Some *Really* Stylish People


September 13, 2017

Photos: Marly Bromstein and Daniel Bosco

With the advent of Toronto Fashion Month officially kicked off, it is no surprise that fashion’s finest players would be sporting their fanciest frocks in hopes of getting photographed.  This year, they did not disappoint. Amid many other things that Canadians are often overlooked for, one thing certain: Canadians are hella stylish.  While we were running from event to event this past week, covering everything noteworthy at RE/SET 002 and Toronto Fashion Week to the opening night of Dali x Yorkville Village, we came across some really well dressed people. Peek these images to see how our style setters dressed for fashion’s busiest week, and maybe channel their cool and effortless style the next time you pop into Zara.

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