The Dos and Don’ts of Wearing Heels in Winter

High heels are a staple in the wardrobes of many, but living in Canada means that when winter comes ice and snow cover much of the outdoors – not a very practical surface for a towering pair of heels. If you’re looking to elevate your outfits without breaking your neck in harsh weather, look no farther than this guide. Below are our tips for navigating the do’s and don’ts of wearing heels this winter season.


Choose a pair with a wedge or block heel. This gives you more stability when strolling the icy streets.

Look into a waterproofing product if your heels aren’t already waterproof. These are fairly inexpensive and can go a long way saving your shoes from snow-based destruction. Look for a spray that is compatible with the fabric of your shoe.

Look for a rubberized sole to help provide traction. This can be harder to find on a standard pair of high heels but easy to find on heeled boots.

Consider a pair of heeled boots. Not only is it easier to find a pair with rubber soles, but they also provide more ankle support which can be helpful through ice and snow.

Distribute your body weight evenly when stepping. Putting more weight on your heel or toe when you walk will increase your chances of slipping.

Consider something with ankle straps if boots really aren’t for you. This will still provide a bit more stability.

Wear a warm pair of socks whenever possible. It might not be worth wearing your best pair of heels if your feet are freezing.


Rush. Walk carefully and look where you’re stepping.

Choose a heel higher than 2-3 inches – especially if you’re not super experienced in walking in heels. Anything much higher than this and you can prepare for some extra difficulty.

Wear anything open-toed. It’s just not worth it.

Here are our staples to get you started on prepping yourself (and your shoes) for all the winter weather to come.

*From L to R: Zara Ankle Boots, $159, Topshop Buckle Heels, $95, Aldo Water Resistant Lotion, $9.99, Canadian Tire Instant Waterproof Spray, $9.99 and Aldo Leather Cleaning Wipes, $7.99.