What HBO’s Euphoria Gets Right About Makeup

By: Katarina Vidojevic

Photos: Freya de Tonnancour

Modeling: Summer Spindler, Elite Models

“ …makeup garnered attention, not only from beauty bloggers, but from teenagers and young adults…” HBO came out with a new series in June 2019 called Euphoria. The television series shares similarities to the UK series Skins, yet comes with its own unique cinematography and aesthetic. Euphoria is bold in a different way than that […]


Guys, Here Are 5 Ways to Smell Irresistible

By: Omar Taleb

Graphics Designer: Sam Cass

I’ve always loved cologne. The very first cologne I ever had, or rather, inherited, was my father’s half-empty bottle of Calvin Klein’s Eternity. I’ll never be one to describe Calvin Klein as ‘elegant’, but to this day I will rave about that scent.


Exploring The Relationship Between Body Alteration, Body Manipulations, Botox, And Their Relationship With Fashion “These days, getting lip fillers is nearly as blasé as buying a new lipstick.” Even before the modern catwalk existed, an outfit was never complete without a complementary beauty look. Enhancing or diminishing one’s features with makeup has been done throughout […]


Body Love at 706 x Mary Young

By: Quinne Murakawa

Photos: Quinne Murakawa

Feature Graphic by Joanna Ho Body positivity was the theme of the night at the launch party of Ryerson alumna Mary Young’s new F/W18 lingerie collection. The designer and her planning team worked to create a “Girls’ Night In” vibe, complete with a bed, pillows, and fairy lights that made it the ultimate slumber party. […]


The other day I was scrolling through Solange Knowles’ Instagram profile, as I would usually do when I’m avoiding school work or just in need of spiritual guidance. Then I came across a picture posted on October 19th from her photoshoot for fashion and beauty magazine The Evening Standard. This picture showed the singer with her […]


Glossier Has Popped-Up in Toronto!!!

By: Yasmin Momeni

Photos: Yasmin Momeni

It is safe to assume that by now the entire millennial population has heard of Glossier, the minimalist beauty and skincare company that has taken the Instagram world by storm. On the off chance that this is new information and the name Glossier has never passed your lips – or your screen – then consider […]


Another award show has come and gone in a flurry of feathers, frills and… basically all things “extra” (we’re looking at you Lil Mama). Aren’t we lucky that new award shows keep coming out of the woodwork, providing us with never-ending lewks to provide our two, humble, cents on. So here it comes, our favourites, […]


In Our Beauty Basket: Glossier *FINALLY*!

By: Naomi Brearley

Photos: Naomi Brearley

Now that the dust has settled after the MUCH ANTICIPATED launch of Glossier shipping to Canada, I thought it was about time I rounded up the products I caved on buying and what I think of them. As many beauty junkies will already know, Glossier is a New York City based cult beauty brand invented […]


I am here to tell you something you already know: millennial pink has been having a moment lately. Even from the fashion crowd to the non-fashion crowd have joined in on the love for this vibrant lady-like hue. The great thing about millennial pink when adorning one’s nails is the bright pop it adds to […]


With the official first day of summer already behind us (June 21st how did you come and go so fast?!), we imagine you’re probably smack in the middle of shifting your winter beauty routine over to a lighter, summer-friendly arsenal. As you transition your heavy duty products to the back of your beauty cabinet we […]