Glossier Has Popped-Up in Toronto!!!

By: Yasmin Momeni

Photos: Yasmin Momeni

It is safe to assume that by now the entire millennial population has heard of Glossier, the minimalist beauty and skincare company that has taken the Instagram world by storm. On the off chance that this is new information and the name Glossier has never passed your lips – or your screen – then consider […]


In Our Beauty Basket: Glossier *FINALLY*!

By: Naomi Brearley

Photos: Naomi Brearley

Now that the dust has settled after the MUCH ANTICIPATED launch of Glossier shipping to Canada, I thought it was about time I rounded up the products I caved on buying and what I think of them. As many beauty junkies will already know, Glossier is a New York City based cult beauty brand invented […]