The Real Digital Influencer

By: Noah Holder

Graphics Designer: Lydia Charron

It has been about 2 years since I stumbled upon an eery Instagram photo that looked so deeply familiar. The digitally manufactured Lil Miquela and her pictures were by no means an unfamiliar image on Instagram’s explore page, by flicking through rows of photos the question of “Is she real” remained days later. The answer […]


Before proceeding to the article, we would like to include the land acknowledgement given at Ryerson’s Accessible Fashion Show, “The land where the Crip Fashion Show is taking place has an important history, present and future that we need to understand and acknowledge. This land is called Turtle Island, and it is the original home […]


The Nike 1 Reimagined: A Collection by Women for Women

By: Daniela Ponzo

Photos: Naomi Brearley, Daniela Ponzo

Art Direction: Naomi Brearley, Daniela Ponzo

It’s 2018 and Nike and Jordan Brand are finally releasing women’s only collections. If you aren’t a sneaker head like most of us here at StyleCircle, you may not have seen the latest Nike Women’s release. The 1 Reimagined is Nike’s newest drop just for women. The release contains 10 newly reimagined and redesigned Nike […]


Toronto Has Some *Really* Stylish People


Photos: Marly Bromstein and Daniel Bosco

With the advent of Toronto Fashion Month officially kicked off, it is no surprise that fashion’s finest players would be sporting their fanciest frocks in hopes of getting photographed.  This year, they did not disappoint. Amid many other things that Canadians are often overlooked for, one thing certain: Canadians are hella stylish.  While we were […]

Paris Haute Couture Street Style

Is it just us or is half the fun of fashion week getting to see your favourite fashion “it” girls (and guys) strut their stylish looks along the streets of every major fashion city? Whether it’s New York or Milan the outfits of those attending the exclusive shows never disappoint. Paris Haute Couture Fashion Week […]


Whether it’s channeling minimalism in her one-of-a-kind ensembles or paying homage to comfort on the street side by saying ‘yes’ to a classy pair of flats, Giovanna Battaglia never gets it wrong. Editor of L’Uomo Vogue, contributing fashion editor to W magazine and senior fashion editor of Vogue Japan, these are only a few of […]