Expanding The Scope of Sustainability
By: Noah Holder

Graphics Designer: Lydia Charron

Listen. Fashion is a waste monster. “The climate crisis wave has hit fashion, and the industry is responding.” This is something we already know, we’ve known for a while, and finally, the designers and companies have come to realize we’ve figured it out. With the world quite literally burning and drowning simultaneously,  the industry’s priorities […]

Rebranding Playboy
By: Isabella Papagiannis

Graphics Designer: Nina Schaarschmidt

Playboy came into popular culture after America had suffered both an economic depression and almost 30 grotesque years of war. Founder and creator Hugh Hefner started the multi billion dollar brand with a small loan of $6000. A magazine dedicated to portraying the ‘girl next door’ was easily  achieved by Hefner, with the first issue’s […]

Greenwashing – Behind The Filter
By: Isabella Papagiannis

Photos: Freya de Tonnancour MUA: Emma Rafizadeh

Modeling: Chloe from BNM Models

Morality and fashion don’t always go hand in hand. While fashion brands, like any business, must consider consumer needs, production processes, and turning a profit, sometimes corners get cut, and consumers  are misled. While consumer demands are altering and shifting towards being ethical and sustainable, brands often lie or exaggerate through their marketing. These changes […]

What HBO’s Euphoria Gets Right About Makeup
By: Katarina Vidojevic

Photos: Freya de Tonnancour

Modeling: Summer Spindler, Elite Models

“ …makeup garnered attention, not only from beauty bloggers, but from teenagers and young adults…” HBO came out with a new series in June 2019 called Euphoria. The television series shares similarities to the UK series Skins, yet comes with its own unique cinematography and aesthetic. Euphoria is bold in a different way than that […]

Yami Kawaii- Promoting Mental Health Visibility or Glamorizing Mental Illness?
By: Samantha Cass

Graphics Designer: Sam Cass

  Since its recent emergence over the past few years, the Yami-Kawaii style has gained attention from industry publicists such as The Business of Fashion and Refinery29 as part of Japan’s cast of subcultures sprung from the 1970s. This fashion subculture in kawaii fashion, conveys an overwhelmingly cute appeal fit with pinks, pastels and, of […]

On The Verge

Photos: Alicia Churilla | HMUA: Taylor Chousky | Stylist: Daniel Bosco

Modeling: Mila Sadic with B&M

With the end of summer unfortunately fast approaching, we decided to relish in the evening sun for this muted and creative end of summer editorial titled ‘On the Verge’.

Guys, Here Are 5 Ways to Smell Irresistible
By: Omar Taleb

Graphics Designer: Sam Cass

I’ve always loved cologne. The very first cologne I ever had, or rather, inherited, was my father’s half-empty bottle of Calvin Klein’s Eternity. I’ll never be one to describe Calvin Klein as ‘elegant’, but to this day I will rave about that scent.

The “New” Masculinity
By: Ellis Mathews

Featured Graphic by Steve Nguyen In the wake of the #MeToo movement, we see the term ‘modern masculinity’ come up frequently. According to i-D magazine, modern masculinity reflects the embodiment of men who are sensitive, thoughtful, creative, and openly embrace their identity. Just last November, Timothée Chalamet and Harry Styles briefly opened up about this […]

A Brief History of Stripes
By: Lesley Deboer

Featured Graphic by: Steve Nguyen Take a look in your closet and ask yourself how many articles with stripes do you see? I have four shirts and a drawer filled with striped socks that are all missing their twin. It basically is the bread and butter of fashion design; it is one of the few […]

Everything You Need To Know About Fall 2019 Fashion Month
By: Emily Bartosiewicz

Photos: George Pimentel / Vogue

This year’s Fall season was anything but predictable. Raf Simons left Calvin Klein and was immediately followed by the brand’s decision not to show a collection in February. Nearly two months later, the fashion sphere was overshadowed by the untimely death of glorified king of fashion, Karl Lagerfeld. He was the creative director of Chanel […]