Making Sense of Things – Michaela Owusu

Explore the second in a series of works titled “Making Sense of Things,” finding personality in inanimate objects.
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Making Sense of Things is a creative initiative to give our members a chance to be creative with the current circumstances. By limiting ourselves to photographing only objects, I wanted to provide an opportunity for members to find personality in inanimate objects. Making Sense of Things was inspired by the pandemic’s effect on our relationship with the spaces we’re in as a result of isolation. By reflecting on the things that surround us, what do they say about ourselves? What objects now surround us more often than before? Whether their choices in objects have a relation to the pandemic or not, members will naturally attempt to make sense of objects as a result of styling them together.



Throughout the past year and into our current year, we have  all experienced (in some shape or form) the encasing of our daily routines due to stay  at home orders and lockdown procedures. An invisible force has left  many of us feeling trapped, suffocated, and confined to the limits it has placed on us. . .  unable to move as we please. Like many of you, while in the confines of my four walls, I  was able to explore one of my favourite things—food! In the desire to keep my spirits  up, cooking/baking a nice meal became a vital part of my everyday routine. This is my  visual representation of how I am making sense of things, through the encapsulating of  standard Western food items.