Collage featuring photographs of popular fashion trends, including oversized tees, tie dye and sweat shorts.

TikTok Fashion Trends We Didn’t Know We Needed

TikTok is giving us an endless stream of fall fashion inspiration. Here are the top trends you need to know about!
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Many people in quarantine have turned to TikTok as a good pastime, which has also given them a platform for new ideas and creativity.  The app’s growing popularity has come with an abundance of fashion trends that are taking users by storm. Here are some notable ones that we’ve seen:


can’t wait to wear these!🤩🥰 which one is your favorite? ##tiedye ##tiedyeshirt ##voiceover ##learnontiktok

♬ Buttercup - Jack Stauber


Known as the classic DIY trend, tie-dye has recently made its evolutionary comeback on TikTok and is inspiring users to dye their old clothing garments. From ways to style them, to step by step tutorials, it has definitely become a popular quarantine pass time activity.


4 Ways To Style An Oversized T-Shirt @threadedgrails ##foryoupage ##outfit ##fyp ##fashion

♬ Spaz - Mr. 2-17 & DRIPPY PRODUCTIONS


Streetwear has got its time to shine on the long list of TikTok fashion trends, more notably on how to stylize oversized graphic t-shirts. Some ways include pairing them with wide cut jeans, biker shorts, or even no pants at all.


An interesting take on contrast fashion would be the two-toned clothing trend. Here, we can see users either wearing garments with noticeable colour/texture contrast or tutorials on how to combine their own garments.


Sweat shorts from Tough Skinn💗

♬ Pretty Face - King Staccz


Quarantine is definitely a catalyst for the increasing popularity of loungewear or also known as “lazy” wear. A staple item that’s come out of this trend would be sweatshorts, and being able to pair them not only with other loungewear but everyday outfits as well.