A collage featuring six photographs from Jacquemus’ F/W 2020 runway show.

What to Buy from Jacquemus F/W 2020

After going viral last year, Jacquemus’ Fall/Winter 2020 collection is finally online; let’s break down the must-haves!
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After going viral last winter, Jacquemus’ Fall/Winter 2020 collection has finally landed online. In case it was unclear, there’s a silent ‘b’ in Jacquemus and it stands for beige, because it doesn’t get any more monochromatic than this season. 

While I can’t promise you’ll look as badass as Gigi Hadid did on the runway (it was the hair flip that was heard around the world), the beauty of neutrals is that they work with any wardrobe. Let’s break down these must-haves!

Jacquemus le chiquito moyen

Le Chiquito moyen

Kicking things off with the bag that started it all, Le Chiquito is back in neutral tones, and a new men’s version. Unsurprisingly, this beige, croc-embossed Chiquito moyen already has a waitlist, but it’s one from a whole range of new colourways to choose from.

Jacquemus le double sweat

Le double sweat

Le double sweat – because one layer of a pistachio coloured sweater just isn’t enough for the Jacquemus man. Pair it with pale green pants for the monochrome look, or with brown trousers for maximum wearability. 

Jacquemus la robe Figuerolles

La robe Figuerolles

Appropriately described as a “mini draped dress”, this is exactly what I imagine Serena van der Woodsen is going to be wearing in the post-Kardashian era Gossip Girl reboot.

Jacquemus les sandales Valerie hautes

Les sandales Valérie hautes

Are your chances of getting frostbite considerably higher if you step out in these during the winter? Absolutely. The real question is, are you going to let that stop you?

Jacquemus le collier Chiquito

Le collier Chiquito

For all the straight men who are too self-conscious to carry a Chiquito, you can now wear it around your neck instead.

Le porte Azur 

Oversize, slouchy bags may have made a comeback this year, but don’t forget about crossbody cardholders! Head over to SSENSE, where you can grab the perfect daily mini bag at a $60 CAD discount.

Jacquemus le manteau

Le manteau

This is what you buy if you want to be cocooned in a weighted duvet for the rest of the season. The ultimate beige Jacquemus Fall/Winter 2020 flex, this is the overcoat that gets you excited for the fall, and keeps you warm enough through the winter.