Illustrations by Ruisi Liu

In this collection of works, artist Ruisi Liu explores the range of human emotion using digital and analog media.
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ARTIST Ruisi Liu

My four paintings depict human emotions and our collective consciousness through striking colours and soulful eyes. Each character experiences life in their own unique dimension with a different story to tell.

The human gaze is oftentimes powerful; looks can kill, looks can heal. 

In the first illustration, a  levitating elven creature hides a mysterious look behind a shadowed hood. Magic from seeps from their hands. They are one who unlocked bountiful knowledge from years of meditation in the dark.

In the second, a rainbow boy expresses pain as an older hand rests on his shoulder. Black splotches of external conflict have tainted his youth. He stares confrontationally with eyes that will not forget.

Manifestation Elf (Digital art) 2019
Princess (Digital art) 2020
Cosmic Nostalgic (Digital art) 2018
Tainted Innocence (Acrylic on Wood) 2018