Illustration of a shopping cart with two sweaters. Red text on a blue background reads “Guilt-Free Shopping Spree”

Guilt-Free Shopping Spree

It’s a new season, which means new clothes! Check out these online thrift stores for some sustainable options.
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Are you a conscious shopper? When looking for new pieces to add to your closet are you concerned about the environmental and ethical impact of those pieces? Or maybe you’re nervous about going thrifting in a physical store? Well, whatever the answer, this collection of stores is for you! 

They curate beautiful, pre-loved, and vintage pieces and all have easy-to-access online platforms, so that you can shop guilt-free from the safety of your kitchen table.

Sunday Afternoon 

A concept, a space, a feeling.

Sunday Afternoon is an online store that allows customers to shop ethically sourced goods for themselves and their homes. From unique second-hand dresses, scarves, and jackets to antique trinkets for adorning your habitat, Sunday Afternoon has it all. 

Check them out on Instagram!

Small Needs 

A verifiable treasure trove… 

Small Needs, based in Miami, has created a blissful thrifting experience through both Instagram and Etsy. From vintage barrettes, to exquisite jewellery, to jaw-dropping apparel. Small Needs can satisfy all your shopping needs, whether big or small.  

Check them out on Instagram!

Clarendon Trading Co. 

Curating the world’s best fashion.  

I had the pleasure of finding this brand at a thrifting event held by 613 Flea. I fell in love with their mission: to sustainably and affordably curate products to make fashion accessible to all. Not only this, but Clarendon Trading Co. is also Toronto based; the pair of jeans I bought from Clarendon Trading Co. remain my favourite pair to this day! 

Check them out on Instagram!


Outpost Vintage and Thrift 

Like stepping into your best friend’s closet…

With a carefully hand-curated collection, Outpost Vintage and Thrift is guaranteed to satisfy almost any shopper. Their pieces are a mixture of vintage and previously-loved items of quality fabrics and outrageous colours. Plus, they’re Canadian! Search no further than Outpost!

Check out their Instagram!

Blissful Vintage 

Blissful and sustainable. 

Are you looking for bliss? Look no further than Blissful Vintage.  The brand has a beautifully curated selection of vintage apparel, with a specific focus on beautiful blouses. While in the midst of developing a website, Blissful Vintage has a thriving Depop platform.

Check out their Instagram!

Caramel Kreme 

Accessible streetwear. 

I discovered this brand during my ‘obsessed with huge t-shirts’ phase and have been hooked ever since; their curation of garments leaves nothing to be desired. I feel cool and unique in these vintage and thrifted streetwear pieces. Caramel Kreme continues to serve up conversation-starting pieces, every time. 

Check out their Instagram!