Body Love at 706 x Mary Young

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Feature Graphic by Joanna Ho

Body positivity was the theme of the night at the launch party of Ryerson alumna Mary Young’s new F/W18 lingerie collection. The designer and her planning team worked to create a “Girls’ Night In” vibe, complete with a bed, pillows, and fairy lights that made it the ultimate slumber party. The intimate event featured both male and female models with a range of body types outfitted in Mary Young’s chic, simple, and comfortable designs. They posed for photos and conversed with guests about the collection while lounging in plush velvet chairs and couches. Television screens around the venue played footage of the models speaking about the importance of self-love and confidence, an integral part of Mary Young’s brand. Her website features a “Self Love Club” video, featuring women speaking candidly about their flaws and how they embrace them.

Designers like Mary Young are helping to lead the shift into a more diverse fashion community by going beyond just representing a wide range of people in her campaigns and diving further into the importance of one’s identity and self-worth. She champions acceptance and empowerment through her actions, from starting honest dialogue to donating a portion of her profit to an organization that promotes positive body image.

In a time where we constantly compare ourselves to those we see on social media and other outlets, body positivity is more important than ever. It’s crucial to our mental and physical health that we love our flaws rather than try to change or hide them. Of course, it’s easier said than done, but if we create safe spaces to have real, positive conversations, we can work together toward accepting ourselves and others.