Industry Profile: The Fashion Zone at Ryerson University

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The fashion industry in Toronto is both a closed loop and ferociously competitive. In a world where fashion companies are sprouting up left, right and center to join the battle of the brands, making a name for yourself as a fashion business has never been more difficult, or confusing.

Meet, the Fashion Zone at Ryerson University. Founded in 2013, the Fashion Zone has become Canada’s leading incubator for fashion-related products, start-ups and technology. With countless resources, skilled professionals and a variety of innovative start-ups under their wing, taking the first step towards making your big fashion idea a real thing has never been easier.

What they can do for you:

  • Join a vibrant entrepreneurial community
  • 24/7 work space facilities
  • Front desk service
  • Industrial fashion machines
  • Fashion PAD system
  • Drafting tables and storage space
  • Prototyping space and 3D printers
  • Members-only programming partnership opportunities
  • Perks and discounts with industry leading service providers

How you can get involved:

  • Apply to become a company, associate, or apprentice by following the steps listed here.
  • ATTEND! The Fashion Zone is hosting a variety of important career building events coming up very soon!
    • Prepare for Success Workshops with the Career Centre:
      • SEPTEMBER 13: Resumes that Stand Out
      • SEPTEMBER 19: Networking Strategies
      • More info here
    • SEPTEMBER 21: Making it in Canada: A Career Panel with the Creative Class

As fellow fashion students, we know how crazy it can be to think about our futures and getting our ideas to the right people. We’re very thankful to have such professional and forward-thinking resources like the Fashion Zone to lay the foundations for success in our careers.

Be sure to follow @rufashionzone on Instagram and Twitter and like their page on Facebook to keep up to date on all the amazing things they have to offer! Visit their website at!

@stylecircle will also keep you up to date on all things Fashion Zone, so stay connected to find out more!