Millennial Pink Is *So* Hot Right Now

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I am here to tell you something you already know: millennial pink has been having a moment lately. Even from the fashion crowd to the non-fashion crowd have joined in on the love for this vibrant lady-like hue. The great thing about millennial pink when adorning one’s nails is the bright pop it adds to any outfit and the happiness that ensues when you look down and catch a glimpse as you move. In homage to Into the Gloss‘s official polish shade of the summer Essie‘s famous “Clambake” I reached for my brightest summer shade when deciding to change my polish. Despite the difference in colour, they are still apart of the same warm tone family so I’ll let it slide this time.

Others championing the popularity of millennial pink are also numerous, so don’t take it strictly from us. The Kit featured Sportsnet’s Caroline Cameron in a head to toe millennial pink ensemble in the July Compact. Earlier this year the New York Times’ The Cut did an exhaustive piece on it’s presence and origins. Man Repeller has talked about it numerous times, here and here. There are even guides outlining where to eat if you love it and want to eat surrounded by it. Morale of the story is, pink is here and it seems to be here to stay…at least for the foreseeable future.

As an Essie devotee I jumped at the chance to put a new summer shade on my nails. As a fashion student it had to be a shade that was on trend. Especially as the days have gotten longer and the sun has finally gotten hotter (seeyah rain!). Now all I have to do is bide my time until the nearest Shopper’s Drug Mart gets “Clambake” in stock and my nails will look just like this! ???? After all, fashion kids love to be on trend 😉

*Polish featured is Essie “Cascade Cool” available at Shopper’s Drug Mart and President’s Choice grocery stores.