The Denim Looks We’re Loving for Summer

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Image courtesy of Aritzia featuring the Little Moon DIANTHUS JACKET

Summer = denim. There I said it. Some may say summer = swimsuits or beach days or patios, but for me I whole-heartedly think denim of all kinds shines during the summer months. No matter how hot and humid is gets in these parts there is always a use for your back-up denim jacket. Whether you’re sipping cold drinks on a patio as the night air sets in, or strolling along Queens Quay and need protection from the breeze, denim is a must. We here at StyleCircle love a good denim piece. Between all the members on our team we have probably worn it every possible way as well. I mean there’s a reason we are known for the Canadian tuxedo up here. 

Originally invented in 1873 as a durable working uniform (, this tough fabric has come a long way since it’s birth. What was once a fabric meant to get farmers through the day without busting their seams, is now present in the closets of most clothes-wearing humans. And finally, as one of the primary trends being seen in the Resort/Cruise17 collections, we thought it timely to show you the many ways in which we here at StyleCircle show our unwavering love for this MVF (Most Valuable Fabric – see what I did there?).

We have compiled a collection of denim looks that we think work wonders in the summer heat. Take a look below at the outfits we’ve corralled and let us know what your favourite way to wear denim in the summer is. We would love to know! I mean we are always on the hunt for some good #outfitinspo đŸ˜‰

The Denim Jacket











You can never go wrong with a good ol’ denim jacket. Drape one over your shoulders during late night strolls to fend off drafts, or tie it around your waist for an extra layer of texture. This summer, Aritzia has amped up the traditional style by adding patches / embellishments (another major trend of the season) to their denim offerings in new line Little Moon. Head to your nearest mall if you’ve got $200 to spend or if you’re on a budget (like us) bike to your nearest Fabricland and DIY your own version! We love the idea of initials to add a super personalized touch. Inspiration can also be found in jackets hung off the shoulder, like this one here styled by Pandora Sykes for Man Repeller. Because you know, it’s summer, and summer = hot.

Distressed Denim Skirt












This season it has become apparent that literally anything can be distressed or frayed. The fashion set has unanimously decided that it is cool to look a little rough around the edges (literally) by way of unfinished hems on pants, extra worn spots on jackets, and t-shirts constructed with holes that look like your dog tried to eat it for lunch.  Take your inspo from model Cora Emmanuel via The Coveteur and insert said frays into your wardrobe via a denim skirt.

Mom Jeans


One thing is clear: moms will rule the style game for eternity. If Kendall Jenner’s new stylist Marni Senofote has anything to do with it, mom jeans and previously deemed “unflattering” pants are going to be HUGE in the coming seasons. One thing we love about the mom jean here at StyleCircle is how comfortable yet versatile they can be. Many of our team members, myself included, have styled mom jeans with everything from a baggy t-shirt or oversized sweater, to daring going-out tops like seen here on Taylr Anne. We like to think of these jeans as the perfect middle ground for stylish summer dressing: long enough to protect your behind from sticking to sweaty seats and versatile enough to pair with an off the shoulder top for an elevated going-out look.

White Denim


The second last summer style we are loving for denim at the moment is coloured denim, in particular, white denim. There’s something so crisp about a pair of white jeans; and if you’re going to choose to wear pants this summer, this would be our choice. Whichever way you style it, we can pretty much anticipate that light hued pants will make you feel as cool as you look. We imagine Courtney Trop would agree.

 Denim Accessories













Now albeit the pieces we have showcased up until this point have been pretty traditional takes on denim. But this season some designers such as Sam Edelman, Baraboux, Guess and Mignonne Gavigan decided to push the boundaries and extend denim’s use into accessories. According to Women’s Wear Daily, denim accessories are THE trend of the season when it comes to outfit add-ons. We happen to agree.

Really, can denim do no wrong?

*All featured images are from the sources linked in their accompanying text.