6 Stylish Looks to Wear on New Year’s Eve

By: Naomi Brearley

Photos: Gabi Macias

Modeling: Charlotte Carbon, Jessica Fess, Julia Hopkins, Penny Nj, Si Sun, Azmina Syed & Tristan Tsang | Makeup and Hair: Akshita Tandon

Art Direction: Luke Severin | Styling: Jessica Fess, Gabi Macias & Katya Katnelson

With one day until we finally say buh-bye to the mess of a year that was 2017, we figured you might be in need of a good celebration. And with this celebration on the horizon, we thought it only appropriate to help you get dressed for whatever shindig you have planned for ringing in the […]


Fashion Profile: Nicola Place

By: Victoria Zander

What is the first thing you think of when you picture seaweed? For fourth year Ryerson fashion design student Nicola Place, a trip to Montreal’s bio-dome aquarium inspired her final project – a collection of dancewear pieces influenced by the graceful, calming movement of seaweed. This collection – entitled Kinsphere – is inspired by the […]


As temperatures have been fluctuating throughout the past few months, I’ve been experimenting with layers, specifically the layering of pants since that’s not something that’s usually done. We always pile on sweaters and jackets or double up on our socks, but we generally leave our legs armed with only a single layer for winter’s chills. […]


Searching for a quick and easy way to revamp an old t-shirt? Look no further! StyleCircle’s T-Shirt Bag DIY will guide you through the simple steps and have you well on your way to a unique new tote bag that could be a practical personal treat or a generous homemade gift. Step 1: Choose your t-shirt. […]


Weather Woes: Dressing for the Days of In-Between Temperatures Written by: Hannah Dobbie & Joanna Lupker How many times have you spent your morning putting together the perfect outfit, only to go outside and realize that the weather you dressed for is not the weather you’re actually experiencing? We’ve all been there. When the seasons […]