How to Style This Season’s Shiniest Trend

By: Ellis Mathews

Photos: Emmett Charuk

Modeling: Bronwyn McGuinness | Makeup and Hair: Cindy -

Art Direction: Naomi Brearley | Styling: Naomi Brearley

We have successfully survived the first few snowfalls of winter so, it’s safe to say the cold weather is officially here to stay. It’s time for us all to dig out our parkas, our thickest scarves and wooliest hats. However, this year we’re taking a hint from fashion girls who are accessorizing their warm winter […]


Runways took off this September for Spring Summer 2018 in New York, Paris, London and Milan. In each week eccentricity was a theme, while elegance has endured. In New York the overarching narrative was brightness and optimism (or at the very least an attempt at it) evidenced by a bevy of saturated hues. In London […]


Nordstrom Night Out: Fashion, Food & Fun at Sherway Gardens

By: Naomi Brearley

Photos: Luke Severin

It is no surprise that the fashion retail landscape has been changing here in Canada (and abroad) over the last decade. The advent of the Internet and social media has changed the way people shop, and where (and from who) they get their fashion information. Gone are the days of big box stores determining the […]


Toronto Has Some *Really* Stylish People


Photos: Marly Bromstein and Daniel Bosco

With the advent of Toronto Fashion Month officially kicked off, it is no surprise that fashion’s finest players would be sporting their fanciest frocks in hopes of getting photographed.  This year, they did not disappoint. Amid many other things that Canadians are often overlooked for, one thing certain: Canadians are hella stylish.  While we were […]

Paris Haute Couture Street Style

Is it just us or is half the fun of fashion week getting to see your favourite fashion “it” girls (and guys) strut their stylish looks along the streets of every major fashion city? Whether it’s New York or Milan the outfits of those attending the exclusive shows never disappoint. Paris Haute Couture Fashion Week […]


Summer = denim. There I said it. Some may say summer = swimsuits or beach days or patios, but for me I whole-heartedly think denim of all kinds shines during the summer months. No matter how hot and humid is gets in these parts there is always a use for your back-up denim jacket. Whether […]


By Joanna Ho Now that Halloween is officially over and retail stores have started to set up their holiday displays, we can begin to pump ourselves up for Christmas! We are beginning to see more and more of knitted sweaters, cozy blanket scarves, cute beanies, cinnamon scented candles, and fully decorated Christmas trees around the […]


Warming weather after a long winter is one of the most exciting times for Toronto fashion. As spring makes its debut and the snow begins to melt, dressing for practicality and warmth can finally be substituted for an adventurous and lighthearted spring outfit. Skirts and dresses fill retail stores and bright popping colours become harder […]


REV Fashion Show

By: Muna Gasim

The Rev Fashion Show hosted by George Brown students at NEST had mixed vibes of an old school 90’s themed party combined with an urban street wear inspired fashion show. StyleCircle was definitely impressed with the variety of designs and the professionalism demonstrated at the show. It was a fun night out packed with tons of […]


With the rising influence of the street style, the attendees often attract more attention that the shows themselves. Fashion month aka. the collection of Haute Couture, Men’s Fashion and Women’s Fashion RTW shows across the globe brings together a plethora of the industry’s finest artisans adorned in their idiosyncratic wear as they take the street. […]