Since its recent emergence over the past few years, the Yami-Kawaii style has gained attention from industry publicists such as The Business of Fashion and Refinery29 as part of Japan’s cast of subcultures sprung from the 1970s. This fashion subculture in kawaii fashion, conveys an overwhelmingly cute appeal fit with pinks, pastels and, of […]


On The Verge


Photos: Alicia Churilla | HMUA: Taylor Chousky | Stylist: Daniel Bosco

Modeling: Mila Sadic with B&M

With the end of summer unfortunately fast approaching, we decided to relish in the evening sun for this muted and creative end of summer editorial titled ‘On the Verge’.


Guys, Here Are 5 Ways to Smell Irresistible

By: Omar Taleb

Graphics Designer: Sam Cass

I’ve always loved cologne. The very first cologne I ever had, or rather, inherited, was my father’s half-empty bottle of Calvin Klein’s Eternity. I’ll never be one to describe Calvin Klein as ‘elegant’, but to this day I will rave about that scent.


The “New” Masculinity

By: Ellis Mathews

Featured Graphic by Steve Nguyen In the wake of the #MeToo movement, we see the term ‘modern masculinity’ come up frequently. According to i-D magazine, modern masculinity reflects the embodiment of men who are sensitive, thoughtful, creative, and openly embrace their identity. Just last November, Timothée Chalamet and Harry Styles briefly opened up about this […]


A Brief History of Stripes

By: Lesley Deboer

Featured Graphic by: Steve Nguyen Take a look in your closet and ask yourself how many articles with stripes do you see? I have four shirts and a drawer filled with striped socks that are all missing their twin. It basically is the bread and butter of fashion design; it is one of the few […]


Everything You Need To Know About Fall 2019 Fashion Month

By: Emily Bartosiewicz

Photos: George Pimentel / Vogue

This year’s Fall season was anything but predictable. Raf Simons left Calvin Klein and was immediately followed by the brand’s decision not to show a collection in February. Nearly two months later, the fashion sphere was overshadowed by the untimely death of glorified king of fashion, Karl Lagerfeld. He was the creative director of Chanel […]


Social Media Lies

By: Emily Bartosiewicz

Photos: Olivia Lemieux

Graphics Designer: Olivia Lemieux

A voice sits on your shoulder and recites: “This is not your life, but don’t you wish it were?” You throw your phone down and know the voice is right Then you ask, “why can’t I be like her?” A wardrobe with its high price tag Her legs so spidery long An obvious Chanel hand […]


A Night So RAD

By: Samantha Cass

It’s a brutally cold winter’s Friday night, the first of February, and I’ve convinced my friend to make the trek through a vaguely familiar part of Toronto’s Cabbagetown for a magazine launch party. For some reason, I manage to stay warm as we walk to Arta Gallery at 14 Distillery Lane, in a bad-decisions outfit consisting of a bikini top and a questionably weather-appropriate leather trench commandeered from my floormate’s closet.


Love Thy Galentine

By: Alicia Churilla

Photos: Gabi Macias

A series aiming to highlight the platonic love and support found in female friendships.


Featured graphic by Joanna Ho I was sitting at a midtown bar one September evening waiting for a friend of mine when I instinctively opened up Twitter to scroll through the events of the day. I don’t remember what I was drinking, nor do I remember the name of the very attractive waitress who ended […]