De-Stressing with Essential Oils : #lifehacks from DoTerra

By: Danielle Matti

October 28, 2018

Graphic Images By Joanna Ho


Often times, the stresses of life can drag your mood down. Whether it’s pulling an all-nighter into a 6 am morning commute or staring at a computer screen hoping that your work will do itself, we can all agree on one thing: life can be hard. However, there is always something that you can do to remind yourself that everything will be okay : acknowledge the importance of self-care and practice it.

Sometimes we get so wrapped up in completing our tasks and deadlines that we don’t pay attention to the nourishment that our minds and bodies need.  Who better to speak on the matter of personal care than successful entrepreneur, supermom and wellness advocate, Monica La Vella. Monica works as a wellness advocate for doTERRA, a company that sells essential oils and related products to customers around the world. Her job is to educate people on essential oils and explain how these oils can naturally benefit our bodies.

Following a DIY session with Monica, we wanted to share some of the recipes that she taught us:


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