Campus Style 06: Marc Ranger

Writing and creative direction by Yasmin Momeni

Photography by Paige Furtney

Name: Marc Ranger

Age: 19

Program: Fashion Communications

Instagram: @marcianoranger


Describe your personal style in three words.

“70’s front man.”


Who or what inspires your clothing choices?

“I can’t say that I pull certain inspiration, but I do have a certain mood that I go for. I have some retro influences from the late 60’s and 70’s, and then I have some basics that I tie into that as well. I love my classic James Deen pieces that are important like my Levi’s and a lot of white T’s. I just go crazy when it comes to shoes, jackets, and shades – those are fun.”


Coming from a French-Canadian background, do you feel that French style has impacted the way you dress?

“It does to a certain extent. It influences my style in the way that it’s simple but effective, and its kind of effortless – a little more undone. When I get dressed im not trying to spend a lot of time, i’m notoriously known for just whipping something together and going with it. That’s why I like to pull from my basics and I like to have statement pieces because it’s less orchestration and you don’t have to meticulously plan out outfits. It always looks kind of disheveled but good.”


I have heard from many people that Torontonian’s have a distinct style. Do you agree and do you think you fit in or stand out from that style?

“There definitely is a Toronto style or aesthetic. Very 6-god, a lot of street wear, it’s very urban – its cool. It doesn’t resonate with me as well, but I do like to tie it into my look sometimes. But on my day-to-day I definitely am not a part of that group of people.”


What is your best piece of advice for looking good during Canadian winters?

“During Canadian winters all I have to say is have an awesome jacket collection. That’s my favorite thing is jackets because they’re the easiest to pull off, they cover everything, and if you have a collection you’ll never get bored. You can switch them up and you’ll have all your different personas for the week.”


And a few quick fire questions to finish:

Denim or leather?


Vintage or new?


Warm or cold?


Fitted or oversized?


T-shirt or button up?




Hat: Goorin Bros.

Sunglasses: Thrifted

Shirt: The Black Market

Jacket: Moschino

Jeans: Vintage Levi’s

Boots: Free People

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