Campus Style 05: Muby Chanzu

Writing & Creative Direction by Yasmin Momeni

Photography by Paige Furtney

Name: Muby Chanzu

Age: 20

Program: Business Management

Instagram: @mubarakchanzu


How would you describe your look?

“Sophisticated punk. I try to mix something classic like a turtleneck with something punk like Docs. It’s all about having an amalgamation of different styles together – cohesive disparity is what I like to call it.”


What inspired your outfit choice today?

“So today I woke up and was a inspired by the late 70’s and 80’s. I wanted to find something that worked with the modern times but also reflected the style of that era.”


What are your favorite places to shop in Toronto?

“I like J Crew and Club Monaco, but I also go thrifting a lot. What I like to do is find stores like J Crew where I can take the preppy clothing and turn it into my own sort of thing. As for thrift stores, my favorites are Value Village, Salvation Army, Plato’s Closet, and F As In Frank – they have great stuff.”


If you could choose one store that you would love to see in Toronto what would it be?

“Honestly nothing is coming to mind right now, everything that I need I can access right here.”


What do you think of the style scene in Toronto?

“Toronto is a very expressive city, so you have a lot options in terms of how you want to dress. I don’t think there is one specific Toronto style, which I like. You can inflict your own personality in to your clothing – you’re not boxed in.”


With the recent focus on Instagram being somewhat of a self-marketing tool, do you feel the need to portray yourself differently in any way?

“I would say my Instagram is an accurate reflection of how I’m dressing on a daily basis. It’s a total portrait of my personality.”



Glasses: Ray Ban

Turtleneck: Thrifted

Jacket: Zara

Ring: Souvenir from Iran

Pants: Topman

Shoes: Doc Martins


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