Low-Temp Layering: A Tale of Two Pants

By: Joanna Ho

February 27, 2017

As temperatures have been fluctuating throughout the past few months, I’ve been experimenting with layers, specifically the layering of pants since that’s not something that’s usually done. We always pile on sweaters and jackets or double up on our socks, but we generally leave our legs armed with only a single layer for winter’s chills.

Layer Slayer

Living in the heart of Toronto, we often experience the cold of winter more than we want to (especially on Bay Street!) and it’s not very pleasant feeling your core literally freeze from the inside out. I wanted to keep warm by layering pants in an exciting way without looking chunky, so I started off with the basic knit tights under skinny jeans to provide extra insulation without adding too much bunched fabric. Because tights are so form fitting, they sculpted to the shape of my lower body and didn’t add any unnecessary bulk to my look, just showing at the ankle and covering the foot, they were more for warmth than a fashion choice.

Nylon Notes

Next, I changed it up by wearing nylons with cropped jeans just to add an extra flair towards the ankles. Nylons used to be worn only with dresses and skirts but in the recent times by way of fashion bloggers and the fashion runways, they have quickly been adopted as a fashion staple to any girls closet to add an edgier touch. You could also change this up with fishnets that peak out at the waist or skin coloured nylons with delicate “tattoo” designs on them.

Glitter Goddess

Lastly, I continued with this experimentation (keeping very toasty, might I add) by pairing multicoloured tights with culottes and striped trousers as well as wearing purple glittery tights with ripped jeans. With every rip in a white pair of jeans, you were able to see the tiny reflective shimmers in my every step and that one is, by far, my favourite “Two Pants” look of this winter season. Contrasting the previous two, this one was all about matching bright colours together to create that stark difference that really stands out from the generally monochrome palette adopted by many streetwear fashions.

As the weather is really warm this week, I am afraid this might be the end to my “Two Pants” adventures, but I share this little story just to encourage others to have fun with fashion and to try out something new for yourself whatever style that may be because, who knows, you may actually like it a lot!

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