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November 29, 2016


We all know how to find those internships that are available to everyone – the ones that fill up our inboxes, sent by well-meaning school staff. But these easy to find, coffee fetching internships leave us all wondering, what else is out there? How did that one girl in class score that epic job she keeps oh so casually posting about on social media? Voila – here are some of the tips and tricks to finding that one-of-a-kind internship.

Finding student resources outside your own program
If you’re looking for an internship off the beaten path, there’s no better place to go than where no fashion student has walked before. The job boards and inboxes of non-fashion students can be full of highly relevant internships that just didn’t make their way to the School of Fashion staff. Ask a friend or join another program’s Facebook group to find the listings just for them. This is especially easy to do if you offer to forward some of your internship emails in return!

Actually checking LinkedIn
Sometimes there’s a company you love, but their online presence is a brick wall – the email doesn’t reply, and they haven’t tweeted since 2013 (has anyone?). Search up the company on LinkedIn, try to find any current or past employees, and then see if you have any mutual connections. Last time I did this, I found the company’s founder was my classmate’s uncle, and she was more than happy to introduce me.

Those boring guest speakers who surprisingly have cool companies
Look out for events in the specific industry you’re interested in, then muster up the effort to attend and actually introduce yourself to the speakers. No, it’s so not fun at the time, and yes, it usually turns into nothing, but it is always worth a shot. I once attended a speaker event on sustainable fashion, listened to an innovative entrepreneur speak about his start-up, then went straight up to him after and told him I loved his company and just had to be involved with it somehow. He gave me an internship on the spot. Be frank with your passion.

Scrolling through Facebook groups
Job postings on Facebook fall somewhere on the sketchy scale between and Craigslist. Think of it as thrifting – combing through groups like the Bunz Employment & Entrepreneurial Zone can be tedious but worthwhile. This is especially useful for finding an internship with a lot of responsibility. Working in a young, small company provides unique experience and could even grow into a real, paying job.

If all else fails: make your own job
When the company you’re coveting doesn’t have an internship position, make one. You cringe when you see your fave Toronto designer just doesn’t know how to keep a clean Insta aesthetic? DM her and ask if you can run her social media. You miraculously found the Suits stylist’s email? Toss her a line, ask to assist, and see what happens. Sure, most of your messages will end up in the endless abyss of someone’s Gmail trash, but as long as your message was professional and polite, it will never hurt to ask.


By Emily Skublics

  • Emily Skublics - Writer

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