Campus Style 02: Jess Kasi

Writing and creative direction by Yasmin Momeni

Photography by Paige Furtney





Name: Jess Kasi

Age: 18

Program: English

Instagram: @flisspo


How would you describe your look?

“I would describe my look as thrifty. I love to layer with colours, textures and patterns. Kind of like a patch quilt!”


What item of clothing makes you feel the most confident?

“I recently bought these big and billowy and striped pants, those are currently my favorites. I also love bell bottoms.”


What was your thought process behind today’s outfit?

“Well, the jumpsuit I’m wearing is from Tokyo. My friend brought it back for me during a recent trip. She told me a lot about the street style there and how experimental it is, so I guess and I was feeling experimental today and decided to just go for it!”


Does being a student impact your clothing choices when you shop?

“I think financially it does. It makes me stop and think what can I really afford. It really pushes me to shop second hand more often.”


So do you prefer shopping second hand as opposed to mainstream retail?

“Yes I prefer to shop vintage, curated vintage specifically. It’s definitely a good option for people who like vintage but don’t want to spend the time thrifting.”


What are your favorite stores to shop at in Toronto?

“I’m from Hamilton so I don’t shop too much in Toronto. But I like Black Market Vintage, It’s a cool deal that everything there is $10. Shops that I like in Hamilton are Out Of The pass, New Olds, and Value village.”


Scarf: Made by her sister’s ex-girlfriend

Sweater: Band sweater from a concert

Jumpsuit: Vintage from Tokyo

Socks: Gift from a friend

Shoes: Value Village



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