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December 9, 2015

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This gift-giving season you can support awesome local businesses and artists while sending a subtle message to the people on your list. Here are just a few ideas I plucked from my own wish list. Enjoy!
Cactus or succulent plant:

Perfect for the person on your list that is somewhat forgetful or perhaps a little prickly themselves. These small plants spruce up any urban residence and are easy to care for (aka difficult to kill). All they need is light and a little bit of water, though you should ask for specific care instructions when you purchase the plant as the different varieties require different care routines.

Find more at
Find more at

A beautifully handcrafted terrarium from Crown Flora Studio may be a bit pricey on a student’s budget ($175) but they also offer smaller round terrariums. Then again, a simple cactus in a standard brown pot is perfectly acceptable and adorable. Selection and price will vary, but you can stop in at most of the flower shops around the city to find the popular little guys for around $12.
Message it sends: I like you but I’m not about to hug you.



They aren’t quite underwear so it’s totally acceptable to give them as gifts to people who are Just Friends, but loved ones will also appreciate them. Some socks come in specific sizes, but most come in small, medium and large so it should be easy enough to guess their size. If you have no clue, be brave and check their shoes sometime.

Keeping it local with these cozy highway socks from
Keeping it local with these cozy highway socks from

Yasmine Louis of Print19 had these awesome screen printed socks at this year’s One Of A Kind Christmas show, but you should definitely check out her Studio Sale December 18 and 19. The studio is at 257 Niagara St, just west of Queen and Bathurst. She and her partner have printed scenes from around Toronto, including the Ryerson campus.
Message they send: These are to keep your icey feet warm and off of me while we cuddle.


Handmade card:

If you cannot think of anything at all, make them a card. Or if you are not remotely creative/don’t have the time, check out some of these cards and their creators. Who knows, they may speak to you.

Message it sends: I lol’d and thought of you.


La La Llama
Cute and punny cards like this can be found at
I love Ashely's style! Shop more of Flakes Paperie at
I love Ashely’s style! Shop more of Flakes Paperie at and


Support small businesses, like the two ladies of 'i'll know it when i see it'
Support small businesses, like the two ladies of  ‘i’ll know it when i see it’ and

Happy Holidays!

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