Revolution 2015 Show

The Revolution team had once again brought a unique show of talented individuals for another successful year. Taking place at the artistically looking Daniels Spectrum building on Dundas Street East, stylecircle was ready to take front row to watch this event. (literally!) Each year, the creative minds of the participants were more and more evident as the careful plans of the designs, handling of the fabrics and thoughtfulness of the presentation became even more deliciously sophisticated. From smart patchwork, to reimagining everyday fabrics like old shower curtains into high-end jackets and the careful zero-waste mentality, produced a wide array of garments from the cool and comfortable to the exquisitely elegant.

Unexpected looks included hand dyed fabrics, fully tailored leather jackets, recycled details and embellishments and highly elegant evening gowns.

Fabrics ranged from recycled plastics and pleather to canvas, felt and elaborate knots.

Styles ranged from futuristic and conceptual, to causal and fun, as well as fierce and elegant.

Diversity also prevailed on the runway in the dynamic lineup of models, and many of the clothes were presented with gender ambiguity, and unisex potential.

Revolution 2015 was as thrilling as it was innovative – definitely a promised bright future for Canadian fashion and the young designers commanding it. It was an amazing treat for the stylecircle team to be part of this event, and guarantee we would love to attend the show again for future years to come. Congratulations to the Revolution 2015 team for another amazing show, well done!

As Reported by Luke Severin and Alexandria Kingly.

Photos by Luke Severin.

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