TOM* Fashion Week: Night 2

The first show of the night was Venturist Commuter Wear which presented a line of eclectic, colourful and relaxed sportswear influenced looks that combined modernity with a touch of vivacity. The line of separates were interchangeable and colours coordinated seamlessly. Prints were vibrant and each piece felt new and fresh while still being highly wearable.


Rank by Rani Kim followed and the up and coming menswear powerhouse presented a fantastic collection of her signature oversized silhouettes and avant-garde prints and fabrications. The looks had prevalent street and grunge elements to them that felt clean and modern. High quality technical fabrics were combined with minimalist embellishment and the entire collection was paired with a line of highly desirable toques that could be seen flying off the shelves of any streetwear store in Toronto. Combined with a finale by a mature model, everything about the Rank by Rani Kim collection felt cool and new.


Men’s Fashion 4 Hope was a refreshing change of mood having Toronto executives, TOM* sponsors, actors and even a UFC fighter all with no runway experience get dandied up and do the catwalk for charity. Funds were raised for the Kol Hope Foundation at Sick Kids and thanks to a generous donation from Tom’s Place (who also dressed all the men in exquisite suits and separates), the foundation broke the $100,000 mark. Appearances by actors Godfrey Gao and Bitten’s Greg Bryk (who also walked the runway) added to the celebrity of the night. The show was definitely a happy mix of fashion, charity and witnessing something new on the runway.


Worth by David C. Wigley followed up with a suave collection of well tailored separates in luxurious fabrics and refreshing silhouettes that had a slight hint of a resort feel to them. Furs and velvets created interesting textures, colours were rich and the vibrant prints had an exotic feel to them. There was something relaxed about the looks but they were also highly polished and put-together. The styling was also quite metropolitan which when combined with the prints, feathers and fur created a cultured look that was both fun and style-savvy at the same time.


The grand finale of the night was the much-anticipated HDHOMME whose show was packed full of eager spectators. And as expected, the collection was everything a high quality menswear line needs and more. The looks were perfectly tailored, featured exquisite fabrications, hints of modernity in lively prints, abstract stripes and the use of fur and a hint of celebrity with America’s Next Top Model alum Don Benjamin walking. Everything about the collection felt expensive and worldly. Every detail was perfected and the presentation was as flawless as a show can get. Great fashion was combined with excitement and intense admiration for such an accomplished brand which definitely ended off the night on an elated note.

Photos courtesy of Luke Severin

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