TOM* Fashion Week: Final Night

The final night of Toronto Men’s fashion week opened up with The Wild North Apparel who sent an entire line of luxury winter jackets down the runway. A variety of fur trims, leather details, diverse silhouettes and outdoor fabrics added interest to the collection and the frosty haired underwear models added attitude and chill. Each look seemed to march down the runway as if through a blizzard with no hesitation. The show definitely made the audience envious of these beautiful coats on a cold Toronto night.


The next show titled Artillery showcased Patrick Salonga’s militaristic and minimally dramatic collection of relaxed separates, bags and battlefield inspired masks, holsters and garters. The collection coordinated a muted colour palette well with loose fits and long silhouettes paired with minimal embellishment and few extraneous details to really allow the military feel to shine through. With a military concept it was surprising to see such a casual set of pieces but the typical regimented look of military was translated through a mix of flowing knits and structural elements juxtaposed together which felt new and refreshing.


Next up was Diodati by Luca Galardo who continued with the trend of relaxed silhouettes, loose knits and subtle drama that was combined to create an ethereal, artistic undertone to his minimalist collection. Sheer, reflective and muted neutral knits and fabrics were carefully coordinated and there was an undeniable airiness and movement to his collection that gave a slight essence of dancewear. If anything, the collection was more like an elegant ballet, complete with white powdered models which added to the androgynous, spirited looks.


One of the highlights of the night was Pedram Karimi’s collection of androgynous looks presented on both male and female models and featured a variety of gender interchangeable tunics and dresses. It was interesting to see that practically every look that was sent down the runway could be worn by men or women and still look stunning. The collection played with structure and exhibited interesting details like curved stand collars and plunging necklines. Beautiful fabrication was also evident, especially in the use of the vibrant coral and orange tones. Everything about the collection from the concept to the makeup and styling was very well thought out and executed. It was a truly modern collection that left Pedram Karimi’s personal signature and a new look on fashion for the Toronto scene.

Photos courtesy of Luke Severin.

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